Monday, March 10, 2008

March 9, 2008

According to Clif's cousin, Mindy, I need to have a blog to put the stories and pictures of my cute kiddos. After much deliberation, I decided that it was a great idea. Lets hope I can keep up with it. So, Sunday was an eventful day. We lost an hour with daylight savings time and you would think that as responsible parents, Clif and I would set our alarms to make up for the loss of time. No, in fact it was like pulling teeth to get out of bed at 8. After the family superhero, Clif, made the kiddos breakfast and I got snacks together along with showers, clothes (for all) we were still a little late to church. Only by 5 minutes or so, so I thought we were doing well.

To sit in a pew with three kids ages 2 1/2 and younger, Clif and I divide and conquer. So Clif sits on one end and I sit on the other end with the kiddos in the middle. Liam wanted to sit by me, (Yay) and so Clif sat by the girlies. Well, MyraJean sat in the middle between Liam and Evelyn. MyraJean kept pushing her toys off the pew and looking at Clif to pick them up. The funniest part is that Clif kept doing it over and over. It made all of us giggle. Then I accidentally left the snack baggie on the seat and Evelyn got a hold of it and POOF, there was an explosion of Cheerios. I had to crawl under the pew in front of us and behind us to get them all. All the while, Evelyn was laughing and picking up random Cheerios and throwing them on my head. And people say what church is a solemn assembly. They have never tried to keep a straight face with my kiddos.

The girls are almost a year and are so cute. They are scooting and trying to move a bit. Evelyn particularly does not like be on her stomach and rolls over immediately. MyraJean just cries until someone picks her up. They are eating like pros and are getting bigger. I wouldn't say they are big since my kids are tiny tykes. They are a joy though, I think they are so fun. They love to get kisses and loves but are just at the age that they don't want to sit on my lap.

Liam is a real ham. He makes us all laugh and is a very sweet sensitive little boy. Yesterday he told me that one baby was sad and the other one was ssshhhh (his way of saying asleep). He tries to help Mom out with all of her jobs and really has the energy of an atomic bomb. He runs circles around us all the time and loves to be chased and to tickle us. What a cutie pie. He is into cars, buses, trucks. He points out all the vehicles on the road as we are walking and tries to get the colors right. He must be partial to green and blue since all the cars are green and blue and he loves BUSES. We saw a stopped bus and the driver pushed his brakes and opened the doors to Liam could see inside. He loved it. The whole way home, he just chatted about the bus. He would be perfectly happy to ride a bus all day long.

Clif is loving his job. They are now giving him a lot of work and so he is able stay really busy. He also joined the gym attached to his job and so he is able to work off his stress off so coming home, he is a joy to be around. He loves helping with the girls and running around with Liam. What a great dad. Not only that but he is the automatic toy-picker-upper. What more could a girl want.

I am just trucking along. I am going to post our family updates and pictures here, so stay tuned. Until next time.... here are some cute pictures of the fam.


Mindy said...

I love that you now have a blog!!! yeah!!! I'll check back regularly ;')

Ketchesons said...

welcome to the blog world. I think it's fun and a great way to keep up with family and friends.
Liam is surely a ham, too bad he left our nursery.

Rebekah said...

WOOHOO! If only we could get the rest of the family blogging, we'd never have to actually speak to each other... :)

Mynamyn said...

I'm thrilled that you have a blog! I'm always asking Dylan what's going on with his sisters and brother, but mostly I get noncommittal grunts or "they're fine". A blog is an awesome way to keep everyone up to date. But beware, it becomes addicting to read other people's blogs. Cyber-voyeurism is a real problem. :)

Of course I'll help you with your blogging, although I don't know too much. I like to copy other people's layouts, so if you see something you like then try it out.