Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just when you think you are ahead- you run into a wall

My friend and I have been running and walking to get into shape and I had to pull a muscle on Wednesday. I am so bummed and bummed is an accurate description of the pain too. I guess I am needing to stop gorging on chocolate since I don't have a way to work it off. As my friend Bekah says- not all calories are made the same... Too bad though. You can buy chocolate covered edemame from Trader Joe's that are really yummy and a better snack than say- chocolate covered pretzels which are seriously my new favorite snacks. Who knew that you could buy happiness for less than 4 dollars.
Liam still has sticky fingers when we go to the store. He no longer gets to take his backpack when we go in since I can't be sure that he won't come home with a few extra items.
The girls had their first birthday and we had a small cake party for them. MyraJean ate her cake at record speed and then spewed it all over the next day. I think it had too much sugar for her. They also made out the a bunch of new clothes and cute ones at that. But I think their favorite item was their star stacker. Every time they put a star on the pole it lights up and sings a little ditty. Pretty cute for a noise maker. I put new pictures on my facebook page if you want to see.
Well, this it about all the updates for the week. Until next time...


Rebekah said...

Welcome to motherhood! I miss you and cant' wait to see you in Idaho in July!!

Darwin & Kiara said...

Hey Clifton & Bree! Bree, I'm not sure we've ever met, but I'm Clifton's cousin, Kiara. I just found your blog through Marci and wanted to share our link so we can keep in touch through blogging. My link is I hope all is well with you guys! -Kiara