Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life of crime- and update

The girls are turning one on Monday. How crazy is that? Life seems to have gotten away from us, seems only yesterday that I was pregnant with the girls and now they are blabbing away and rolling all over the house. How I long for the days of giantess and heartburn-not! They are really getting their personalities out now.

Myra Jean sits and plays until she needs something and the she screams until someone comes running. It is quite amusing really, since she doesn't actually cry, she sits and yells AAYYA- over and over until you come a-runnin'. Her redeeming quality is that she "sings" a lot. It is a sort of hum-cooing sound, and it gets a smile out of everyone.

Evelyn is becoming more introverted and plays along nicely. Her smile is radiant and I have to admit, she is beautiful when her face lights up with the smile. The one thing she does to be "cute" is to pull the hair of the individual the is unfortunate to be close enough for her pinching fingers. Not only is she perfecting the art of hair pulling, but she laughs after she does it. It is quite funny, maybe not to the hair pullee but to the hair puller, what more could a little chickie want?! What a pair, they certainly are getting to be great sisters, each with their individual personalities.

Liam on the other hand, he is funny!!! My mom and I met at the mall this week to chat and get the kids a treat. I thought that I was doing well, the girls were cute (dressed in overall-which I love) and Liam had all the needed particles of clothing on to go out in public. He had a blue and white stripped shirt that was only marginally dirty from lunch and mussed with his late nap. He had blue windbreaker pants on that were 2 inches too short but that fact was disguised with blue snow boots. And what outfit is not complete without the backpack (One of my old purses that he constantly takes everywhere) and red Seminoles hat, another must have.

We found my Mom at Children clothing store we agreed on. Liam was on his perfect behavior, not leaving my line of sight and picking up all the discarded merchandise off the floor. Well after that store, we had to hit the potty and get a coke and french fries from the food court. Meanwhile my Mom and I was having an in depth conversation about Liam's dress and accessories. She had a bit of a problem with the boots and purse. I justified it that he dressed himself and those boots were easy for him to put on by himself, so I didn't care if he wore snow boots for the rest of his life. The purse was not a backpack, either and I needed to get him a real backpack. I didn't really care about that but she did have a point.

So she asked the ten dollar question-what did he carry in his "purse/backpack"? I really didn't know because I never go through it but I had a rough idea that he probably had a remote and maybe a couple of trucks. Those are two things that he constantly needs to keep him up to date with the other kiddos. She opened it up and pulled out a green truck, a the garage door remote (he is not supposed to have), and a really pretty pearl necklace from Gymboree. My mom and I looked at Liam and busted a gut laughing at his criminal sticky fingers. I asked him was the necklace his, and he said "Uh-huh, pretty Mom, pretty". Which I quickly said to him, No, that is not ours, I didn't pay for it. He just looked at me and kept eating his french fries.

So My mom and I got the rest of our errands done and walked back to Gymboree to return the hot necklace. I walked in and stood in line with Liam in one hand and Evelyn in the other hand. The sales associate who had waited on my Mom then waved us over and I set Liam on the counter and said to the lady "We are a little bit upset-we have something to tell you". So I told Liam to take it out and he reached into his "backpack" and gave the necklace back to the woman. He then said he was sorry after my prompting but wouldn't look the sales lady in the eye. When I said, "Tell her your sorry and you won't do it again", Liam just bawled. It was really funny from a Moms standpoint. I just had to laugh since the sales girl was really nice and told him he was brave to bring it back.

My Mom was then right to suggest that we get him a real backpack and I watch what goes into the backpack. Still, I think 2 is a little young to start a life in crime. I will always remember his first "backpack" and the jeweled caper it led to.

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Fromagette said...

He is just too cute for his own good. You'll have to keep an eye on that one, or he might just lead his cutest little girl friend (Anna) into a life of crime as well!