Monday, June 23, 2008

Here is the catch up

So in the last 2 months, life seems to have gotten away from me. We have had scrapes, trips, beach days, and much more. To start off, for those that don't know, Liam had an accident at the end of April. He was playing peek-a-boo with his two sisters who were standing next to the couch and tripped into the glass table. He cut his eyelid and had to have 15 stitches to close the gash. It took 3 women to hold him down after they wrapped him up so he couldn't wiggle. I ended up leaving the room since I couldn't stand him saying " Mom, Im stuck", over and over again. I think he cried more but I was pretty upset. Thankfully my mom had the day off and watched the girls for me while I was taking care of Liam. It was a fairly good ER visit since we only waited 3 hours for him to be stitched up. Crazy, huh. Then it got infected and we had to go to the Dr.s who gave him a good antibiotic and cleared it right up. Poor Liam...

The girls have started to crawl and they are into everything. Last week, Liam got out the scrubbing bubbles and sprayed the entire bottle into the toilet and then let the girls scrub the toilet by hand. They had toilet water up to their shoulders and I was so mad. It was seriously gross. Liam was never fascinated with the toilet so I am really grossed out by the girls. I have to lock the bathrooms up most of the time. They also like the food storage and their brothers room. He is forever telling them to get out and NO, NO NO, BABIES! In fact I came into the room and Liam was telling his sister NO! and then proceeded to roll her over and spank her bum. So he knows that being spanked is punishment but I don't know how to stop him trying to beat his sisters. Yeah, it was pretty funny.

We almost had another ER visit, MyraJean was crawling on the floor chewing on whatever she found. Suddenly, she started to choke and gag and tears were welling up in her eyes. I quickly scooped her up, lied her head down on my lap, and smacked the heck out of her back. Out of her mouth shot a penny, and when Liam saw what it was, he exclaimed " My money" and picked his money up. I could have screamed... Liam still is obsessed with any kind of coins and so all I do all day long is pick up after him all day long. MyraJean seems to have no permanent damage but it is really scary trying to be in 3 places at one time. What an organized chaos my house is.

Well last week was beautiful. We are in this house, what we call beach bums. I try to get all the chores done that need to be done during the week so I can play at the beach with my kids on the really nice days. So I was a great Mom on Friday. I packed sunscreen, food for a picnic, toys for the kiddos to play with, extra clothes for Liam (he hates to wear wet clothes), and bottles and drinks too. In fact, I was pretty dang organized for once. So I lotion the kiddos so they don't get burned and even have the thought to reapply so they don't get burned from too much time. I also lotion my arms since I got burned a little on Monday's beach trip. But being a little brain fried, I don't put any other lotion on and since I was wearing a swimming suit, it was pretty dumb. We stayed for about 3 hours since it was so nice and the girls didn't have their nap time meltdown until 2:30. When we packed up and left I thought, I didn't forget anything, I am AMAZING! Regardless, my kiddos didn't get burned but I got fried and I am still taking pain killers 3 days later because I burned so badly. It was nuts. So now we aren't going anywhere this week since I hurt so badly that I don't want to repeat Friday's mistake.

Well, that keeps us up to date at this point. Have a great day and don't forget to wear sunscreen!


Mynamyn said...

Ouch! I hate getting fried. But, if it had to be somebody, it's probably better that it wasn't one of the kids. Then it's misery times three!

Sounds like you've had an exciting time this spring. We can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Mindy said...

so sorry to hear about the burn! i hate those! i think with skin as fair as ours daily sunscreen is a must!!
have you used the spray sunscreen? i love that stuff! 2 seconds and I'm covered head to toe!
so glad the kids are doing well though! they sound adorable!!!
have a great day!

"Half a Brain" said...

you have a life full of excitement. try to breath sometimes.

Gifford Family said...

We just discovered your blog! Dee emailed us the address. It was fun to read about how your family was doing. We always hear second hand from Billie and Camille what you all are up to. What a cute family you have.

David and Mindi Gifford

Maria said...

Glad to see you guys are doing well, and that you are getting out some. I love the lace. Beautiful!

Audrey said...

I always forget something when we go out. I guess that's what makes the trips memorable! We've had almost that exact same spot eye injury with Isaac. Found the only sharp corner under a bench in the child friendly play area at Alderwood mall. Spent 3-4 hrs in the ER and I was in tears when we were holding him down during stitches and he was yelling "NO, MOMMY, NO!" I feel for you!