Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacationed out

We are back! Yay for family and vacations.... now time to relax.
Clif, I, and all three kiddos went to visit Clif's family in Idaho for a week. We were so excited until 2 days before we left when all three kids, Clif and I came down with a raunchy cold. It was so depressing since I spent the first three days trying to sleep off the cold and the girls were so sick. Still everyone had a ball. I got to see my sister-in-laws that I never get to see and it was so fun to reminisce with them. Clif got to spend his time working on various projects for his Dad, and help putting up the new garage. He must have lost 20 lbs while he was on vacation, which I think I found. It was so fun. We also got to celebrate Sheryl and Bruce's retirement with a surprise party. They were so great to all of us....

My favorite was the zoo though. Liam loved it, I would repeat that but it would be redundant. He saw a ROAR (Lion), a OO OO EE (Monkey) and tweet tweets (Birds). We are working on his speech right now so it is so cute when he points out the animal sounds and I ask them what is another name for them. He rolls his eyes up in thought and then breaks out in a huge smile when he remembers what they are really called. He just loved the zoo, and his cousins had such a fun time showing him all the animals.

It was so cute to see him love his cousins and Grandparents that he doesn't see much. They held a party for Liam, his birthday was on the 7th, and for Clif. Liam got a lamp (for his camping trip), water guns for him and his dad, a motorcycle/car toy, a water balloon for the beach to play with, and other toys. He loved the gun. He sprayed his uncles that were working on the garage and giggled everytime he hit one. It was funny!!!
Then when we got back, we recovered for three days until my brother's families flew in. Liam and Seamus loved being together and had a ball on our camping trip. They helped my dad with the backyard renovations and worked thier tails off. They were amazing in those 3 days, getting more done than we thought were possible. Friday we drove an hour north and then rode a ferry to the San Jaun islands to the camp ground. My family also had a birthday party so that Seamus and Liam could have fun together. He got Super hero action figures complete with a motorcyle. He also got clothes, a rocket launcher (he loved that too), some blocks and figures to go with them, and more. He loved the presents and the boat. He kept saying "Big, Big boat" He thought that all presents were his, even the ones that we brought back for Christmas from Idaho. I had to take them all out of the car becuase I couldn't keep him from unwrapping them. He is turning out to be the happiest kiddo.
My sister picked out the best spot right on the beach and the kids loved the water and dirt. That would also make mud but I don't think Liam cared one way or another he was covered in whatever he could find. I really didn't mind, that is what camping is all about. He had horrible allergies and the sweet kid didn't slow down, just kept running. One of the other campers said "He always go that fast?" To which I replied "He has one speed, fast". It was true, and if you didn't move up the hills fast enough, he would push your backside until you went faster. I don't think my Dad really appreciated the help but I thought it was cute. The beach was right there and Liam loved the water since there was crabs everywhere and little schools of fishes. I had to explain what crabs were but he sure loved them. The girls were good, Evelyn had one bad night but other than that camping was a lot of fun and my entire family were really great to be around. Yay for Sumer!
I don't have any pictures so far of that, my camera wasn't there but I will post some as soon as anyone sends me copies (HINT).
A couple of funny stories though. Liam is potty trained (thank goodness) and would be willing to pee in any bushes. Until we go camping then he needed a potty, go figure. So there was an outhouse right near the camp site. It was pretty putrid though, and heaven forbid those down wind of it. So we are all ready to leave to go home and Liam needed to go potty and said so. I told him I would take him and we hot footed to the outhouse. When he saw where we were headed he stopped dead in his tracks. "No yuck potty, potty big hill, Mom" he kept saying. I need to explain that the actual bathrooms where at the top of the steep hill, and were a 1/4 of a mile away. No way was I walking up there if I didn't need to. So I told him that we were using the yuck potty not the top of the hill potty. If he didn't like that he could pee in the trees. He shook his head and once again told me " No yuck potty, Potty BIG BIG hill". I finally relented and took him to the top of the hill. He made it but I could not believe that the little boy that was covered by who knows what for a weekend was so discerning on where he needed to go potty.
The other story is from today. To explain a little, Liam is a little behind on his speech, it isn't very clear and so he is a mime a lot and acts out his words to get his point across. Right before nap time, I took the trash out around to the back of the house. I left the door open and was gone for 30 seconds when I hear a little voice call out the front door "Mom, Mom" to which I yelled, "I am coming, get in the house". I rounded around the house and Liam was standing in the doorway saying "Mom, Mom". I told him to close the door and he said "Door open, I (this is the point of mime acting- he cupped his hands to his mouth and said Mom). I giggled and said "You yelled Mom?" He nodded, and I said "Say yelled (to improve his vocab)" and he cupped his hands to his mouth and said "Mom". He didn't say yelled, he acted it out again. He was so funny, and it made me laugh. What a cute kid.
That is about it for now, stay tuned for camping pics!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Liam on a trip

Liam came into my room on Friday all ready for our trip. He put his little face right next to mine and said pretty softly, "Mom, Gramma trip". When that didn't get me hopping out of bed, he said a little louder, "Mom, Gramma trip". At this point I know I can't get rid of him by pretending to sleep and I rolled over and smiled. He said "Mom, no need nap- Gramma trip" and tried to get me out of bed by pulling on my arm. I told him that we weren't ready to go and that I needed to pack his clothes, the girls needed a nap, and we needed to wait for Dad to get home from work. He seemed to understand and he said "Oh" and left in a hurry. He came back with a stack of 6 shirts and said "Pack my clothes". I told him that was great but I needed to pack his clothes into a suitcase. Again he said, "Oh, pack my clothes in suitcase". He ran over to the open suitcase that I had put out for our trip, unzipped it, and shoved the clothes inside. He was so proud and came over and said "Pack my clothes in suitcase, Mom!". I got out of bed at this point because sleep was not coming back and if Liam had anything to do with the trip we would be leaving in 5.2 seconds. He was so excited and all day he said, "Mom- Gramma trip" to which I replied yes and he said yay!
Needless to say that all the kids were so sick for the first 3 days of the trip but there are plenty of Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and Grandparents to take over for a bit. The only sad thing is that Liam has so concept of sleeping over so every night he tells Clif, "Daddy-go home, need nap im MY room. To which Clif says no we are sleeping at Gramma's house and he looks so dejected that we are not driving home just to be here tomorrow. I will have more stories when we get home but I wanted to put this one in before we forgot it.