Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Liam on a trip

Liam came into my room on Friday all ready for our trip. He put his little face right next to mine and said pretty softly, "Mom, Gramma trip". When that didn't get me hopping out of bed, he said a little louder, "Mom, Gramma trip". At this point I know I can't get rid of him by pretending to sleep and I rolled over and smiled. He said "Mom, no need nap- Gramma trip" and tried to get me out of bed by pulling on my arm. I told him that we weren't ready to go and that I needed to pack his clothes, the girls needed a nap, and we needed to wait for Dad to get home from work. He seemed to understand and he said "Oh" and left in a hurry. He came back with a stack of 6 shirts and said "Pack my clothes". I told him that was great but I needed to pack his clothes into a suitcase. Again he said, "Oh, pack my clothes in suitcase". He ran over to the open suitcase that I had put out for our trip, unzipped it, and shoved the clothes inside. He was so proud and came over and said "Pack my clothes in suitcase, Mom!". I got out of bed at this point because sleep was not coming back and if Liam had anything to do with the trip we would be leaving in 5.2 seconds. He was so excited and all day he said, "Mom- Gramma trip" to which I replied yes and he said yay!
Needless to say that all the kids were so sick for the first 3 days of the trip but there are plenty of Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and Grandparents to take over for a bit. The only sad thing is that Liam has so concept of sleeping over so every night he tells Clif, "Daddy-go home, need nap im MY room. To which Clif says no we are sleeping at Gramma's house and he looks so dejected that we are not driving home just to be here tomorrow. I will have more stories when we get home but I wanted to put this one in before we forgot it.

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Gerritt & Melissa said...

I'm so glad that you're back, and that I'm back! Too many trips have been going on! But, it sounds like they have been fun for you guys! Talk to you later!