Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Park Adventures

A couple of my girls and I periodically go to the park and drag our kiddos with us. My friends Emily, Melissa and Hayley are very talented at taking pictures. Here are some really cute ones. I know that these pictures are alot, but how cute are these? We don't get a lot of pictures with them since I am usually running after them not playing so well... Thank goodness for great friends and good times. Hope you enjoy....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm a BAD GUY and other cute stories

Liam has found his soul mate in playmates this past month. Our very distant relatives, Hayley, Jake, and Tasha moved to Seattle. Yay! Tasha is Liam's age exactly and is an adorable little girl and Liam loves to play with her too. This past week Liam and Tasha were playing in his room when Tasha came streaking out saying, "Save me, Don't let him get me!" Liam stomped out of his room with a fierce look on his face and the bottom of his tee ball stand was in his hands saying "I'm the Bad GUY!" Then he took the stance of a tough guy and waved his pretend "gun" around and said I'm the BAD GUY!! He never did drop the fierce look either.
Well he must have scared someone because Tasha retorted "Don't get my MOM, she is MY mom!!!" I was laughing so hard because it is almost impossible to see my curly headed kiddo being the BAD guy. After Hayley explained to Tasha that Liam was pretending and wasn't going to hurt anyone, she reluctantly returned to play with him in his room. I don't know if she is really too sure about him though. I got a really good laugh about it though.

Other News:

Evelyn is turning into a ham too. She walks around and flops on whoever is closest giving them loves and hugs. She is also the first one to welcome you to the house with a huge grin and an exuberant "HI!". But she is the bully too. MyraJean is the most docile of them all and she won't retaliate if Evelyn takes her toys but boy does she yell until she gets it back. Evelyn on the other hand will take the toy back and knock you over for good measure. Most of the time they love each other but sometimes, it is like WWIII broke out.
The other Sunday I was cleaning the floor, where the girls threw their food and Evelyn came crying over for sympathy. After watching her push her siblings around all morning I told her she was a big bully and she needed to go see her Dad since I had no sympathy for her. She did it too, she walked over there and thrust her head on her Dad and cried. It too, was incredibly funny to me. These kiddos are just a bunch of laughs most of the time.
MyraJean is turning into the sweetest baby but is really cranky right now. She is popping a tooth that seems to be a pain since it came down and then went back up. I feel bad for her but boy can she whine. She does have she best smile, it lights up her entire face and makes up for the whining. Also, she loves to eat, she must take after her dad since every bite is followed with a YUMM sound and a huge smile.
Clif got to go to a training in Manhattan and see his sisters Rebekah and Marci while he was there. I will post pictures later since he has the camera and is still gone. We have survived though, so that is one for us, right?! Until next time....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The girls are walking- watch out world!

The title sums up my life right now. Evelyn has been teetering around on her wobbly legs for a couple of weeks now. In fact she hardly crawls anymore, to the chagrin of her mom. MyraJean does walk but is still faster crawling so it will be a week or so before she really takes off too. They are such a ham. I was at my moms house last Saturday and I looked out the window to check on the kids in the backyard. Evelyn was crawling up the steps to the kiddy slide and sliding down by herself! What happened to my babies? MyraJean was quick to copy and my family had a ball sitting out in my Moms backyard relaxing while the kids played and ate. It was so nice.
Liam is improving his words all the time. I just wish I understood everything that he was trying to tell me. He is quite the motor mouth just like his mom, and finds joy in everything around him. His new activities are to play at the park, talk on his black phone, go to Mimi's house, and play with Liam, Abby, Anna, or Tasha. I think Tasha is the new girl on his mind since she is almost the same age as him, and quite the playmate. I love to see him have fun with his friends, he just sparkles.
He is also the helper. Last Sunday, we didn't go to Church, all the kiddos were sick last week. So Clif and I decided to make borscht, for dinner. It was a real treat to have Clif cook, he does such a wonderful job. I needed Liam to help though, and he helped chop the veggies in the food processer. Here is he with beets. Yes there is terror on my face. I was cleaning beets of the floor

and off the counters for days. But he had a ball with the family. Talk about good family home evenings. Then we were off to pick black berries. Liam and I picked enough for a while but I need to get some more so that I can freeze them to use until next year. Liam loves to pick berries, I think he just likes the special attention.
He is a big helper around with the girls too. He tries to keep them entertained in the car by singing songs like Twinkle Twinkle little star. I love to hear his little voice, he just brings out joy in everyone. He is also the second Mom, he is constantly telling the girls "Get out" of my room for me and making sure that they are not pushing any buttons on the TV. They on the other hand are becoming the little sisters and are indignant when he tells them what to do.
Clif is liking his job more and more at PB World. He was able to submit a design layout for a project that he was working on and it got approved. I feel so blessed to have such a smart and hard working husband. Plus he is really buff, not only has he been working out but he has been able to work on my parents backyard. I love being married to an Idaho cowboy. Phew. He is also teaching in Church and seems to really get a lot out of it. Plus, he doesn't have to watch his babies when he teaches, lucky bum.
I am doing well too. I am teaching in Relief Society now as well and LOVE it!! I am working on my budgeting skills and am so enjoying my place in the house. I have grown to love being a stay at home mom and to see my babies progress. The Lord has definitly blessed this family the last year. That is all for now, stay tuned for more pictures and stories.