Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We went to the Trunk or Treat on Saturday night. The kids were not to sure about the dressing up or the candy. Go figure, I thought my kids would love candy anytime of the day but they are a little nervous around strangers handing out candy to them.

I do have to say though, Clif had just as much fun as the kids in dressing up. People kept saying they loved Clif's costume, to which he replied "But I didn't dress up". He was pretty funny. I just helped corral kids around the car and at my Moms so she could take some pictures. As a disclaimer, Evelyn is the frog and MyraJean is the cow. I always have to distinguish who is who so I am trying to be a little proactive.
On a last note, when we got the costumes at Value Village, we didn't check to see if they did any tricks. Well, MyraJean was going down the stairs and smooshed her belly on the stairs and all of the sudden we heard MOOO MOOO. There was a sound device in her costume that when you pushed it, it sounded like a cow. We all got a good kick out of that.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple -Pumpkin Picking

The women in my family decided to drag our kids and spouses up to north Washington to an apple farm and pick apples. Clif and Stephen were such good sports and helped pick the fruit and take care of our kids. This farm was so much fun. There were over 200 different varieties of apples, a hay ride, a small pumpkin patch, and a tiny haunted house.
Liam didn't eat much of his ham and cheese but he did eat 2 WHOLE apples. Clif and I kept telling him not to eat too many, it would give him a belly ache. So the next couple of hours he said, "No more apples, belly ache", which is what must have happened since all he wanted on the way home was milk.
Do you think MyraJean could get her mouth bigger? She and her sister both ate half an apple. They must have been hungry.
I love the smiles, Evelyn was so happy as long as she had an apple in her hands.
Did I mention they fought and yelled over their apples. They didn't like the wagons that were provided and my sister was thoughtful enough to bring hers. I am so glad that her kids were eating and allowed my twins to sit in it. Too bad mine cried as long as they were around it and we wouldn't let them in it.
Cute little hayride around the farm. They show you the orchard and the organic area. Quite a quaint farm up north.
This was the whole crew but my Mom, she graciously took this picture so that we could ride it with the kids.

Cute little family, huh. We had a ball in the pumpkin patch. Again, MyraJean doesn't like the mud but Evelyn had no problem with it. Liam kept going from pumpkin to pumpkin saying "Um- this one, no this one" Finally we got our pumpkins, I got two baking ones, and each of the kids got one to decorate.
All in all, a really fun day. The kids had a ball and really enjoyed most of the trip. Clif and I loved the drive to see the fall colors, Washington is truly a beautiful place to live.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. It was really muddy but other than that the kids had a ball. Every time I told Liam that he needed to get away from the puddles, he conveniently didn't hear me and went directly through them. Needless to say, Liam was not allowed back into the van until he changed his clothes. He didn't seem to mind much, although he told me later that the pumpkin patch was very messy (muddy). Still, he was so excited to go.
Obviously, the kiddos loved it, for the most part. There were goats to feed and watch as they went through an obstacle course. There was an old tractor that the kids played on and we took thier pictures. Not only that, but there was an old town cut out that the kids could play in and when weather was nicer, the owners would act out plays and such.
MyraJean didn't like it much. She was a little upset about the mud. In fact she cried anytime she touched the mud or dirt. She is such a princess. Evelyn, on the other hand played in the mud and pumpkins until she was covered much like her brother. There are not two identical twins that could be any more different.

All in all, it was a fine day. I don't know if I am up to another pumpkin patch, but here comes apple season.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes-yes another blog, yet again

So last night Clif and I were watching the History channel. Yes, I know we are geeks. They had a show on about the Great Depression and the weather phenomenons that were associated with the depression era. The announcer kept saying the dust bowl, with it's pestilence of rabbits, poisenous insects, and destructive critters, was of biblical proportions. As a History buff, I was amazed how much of the information that was being given is not in History textbooks and better yet, that most of us do not realize what was happening in the Midwest durning this time.

As I watched I had an eppifany of thought. I don't bring up religion or inner thoughts on this blog, but I wanted to share this with others. Remember in the bible how the Lord brings pestilence to the Egyptions because they won't release the Isrealites under Moses's command?

The 1930's was not much different. America, which had been blessed and extremely prosperous up until the last 1920's had similar experiences of that with Moses and the Pharaoh. Women lost babies to the dust that coated the children's lungs much like black lung killed those that worked in the coal mines. In fact, children's lungs effected by this for 2 years looked like what coal mine worker's lungs after a decade. They literally suffocated to death on mud. There were insects that killed children and adults alike. People lost their farms for pennies to the failing banks. Huge numbers of people starved to death.

Like most people, I had grandparents that grew up in the Great Depression and had awful stories to share about it, but have we learned from their experiences? Do we remember how the Lord chastens those that forget Him? I have been pondering this as the elections come up and since the economy is so awful. Do we remember our blessings or are we headed into another Great Depression era? I would hope not. Like I said, this is not a blog usually for inner thoughts, but I was struck on how much we don't remember such recent chastisements and how far we have not come since then.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Disaster comes in small packages

After the catastrophe of Evelyn's split head, I was amazed to find her on TOP of the large coffee table in our living room, the next day. So I said, nicely I might add, "Evelyn, that is going to cause you another split head, we DO NOT do that!" I then picked her up and plopped her down on the floor. She just looked at me and laughed. I continued to go down stairs to do laundry and returned about 5 minutes later to find her perched on top of the table again. I did the whole lecture and kid plopping routine again and went to work on dinner. This time I kept and eye on her because the table was really tall and she didn't seem to be big enough to climb on top of it by herself. She soon revealed her tactics. She climbed onto the futon and pulled off one of the large area pillows off onto the floor and nudged it to the table. Then she climbed onto the pillow and then the table from there. Finally she worked herself into standing position on top of a huge glass and wrought iron coffee table.
I plucked her off the table, picked up the pillows and put them on my bed. She was definitely not big enough to get them off the bed and so I was pleased with myself. I went back to making dinner and then had to go down stairs to finish the laundry. I came back upstairs to find her on top of the table again. I don't know if she somehow grabbed an edge of pillow and pulled it off herself or coerced her brother into helping her but the pillow was next to the table again. I gathered her and the pillow, put the pillow in my room and shut the door, and told her "We are not going to walk on the table".

The little pill then pulled the classic fit. She started to yell at me and then laid prostrate in front of the door. Every few seconds she would look at me and scream some more and cry when I didn't give into her tantrum. Need I remind you she isn't 2 yet? Oh my heavens, she has some personality, cute kiddo though. I can't wait to see what she gets into next time.

She has now got all of her siblings included in the madness....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Accidents again

Evelyn has followed in Liam's steps. She gashed her forehead into the coffee table while I watched a foot away. Thankfully, she didn't cut it too deeply and they were able to super glue it together. But... they also gave her a tetnus booster shot so it was pretty tramatic. With a lot of loves and a bit of Tylenol she has survived.

Makes me wonder what MyraJean has in store for her....