Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple -Pumpkin Picking

The women in my family decided to drag our kids and spouses up to north Washington to an apple farm and pick apples. Clif and Stephen were such good sports and helped pick the fruit and take care of our kids. This farm was so much fun. There were over 200 different varieties of apples, a hay ride, a small pumpkin patch, and a tiny haunted house.
Liam didn't eat much of his ham and cheese but he did eat 2 WHOLE apples. Clif and I kept telling him not to eat too many, it would give him a belly ache. So the next couple of hours he said, "No more apples, belly ache", which is what must have happened since all he wanted on the way home was milk.
Do you think MyraJean could get her mouth bigger? She and her sister both ate half an apple. They must have been hungry.
I love the smiles, Evelyn was so happy as long as she had an apple in her hands.
Did I mention they fought and yelled over their apples. They didn't like the wagons that were provided and my sister was thoughtful enough to bring hers. I am so glad that her kids were eating and allowed my twins to sit in it. Too bad mine cried as long as they were around it and we wouldn't let them in it.
Cute little hayride around the farm. They show you the orchard and the organic area. Quite a quaint farm up north.
This was the whole crew but my Mom, she graciously took this picture so that we could ride it with the kids.

Cute little family, huh. We had a ball in the pumpkin patch. Again, MyraJean doesn't like the mud but Evelyn had no problem with it. Liam kept going from pumpkin to pumpkin saying "Um- this one, no this one" Finally we got our pumpkins, I got two baking ones, and each of the kids got one to decorate.
All in all, a really fun day. The kids had a ball and really enjoyed most of the trip. Clif and I loved the drive to see the fall colors, Washington is truly a beautiful place to live.


Emily K. said...

How fun that you live by your family. I bet it's nice to always have a babysitter, and someone to spend time with. You seem like the greatest little mommy!

Rebekah said...

SO CUTE!! Can't wait to see you in Idaho for Thanksgiving!! :)

Sarah said...

Bree!!! I can't tell you how many times I've thought of you over the years. I can't believe how many people I've been able to reconnect with - I guess this blog thing isn't too bad. :) Your kids are adorable! I am astounded your tiny little body was able to carry twins! I'm also a little jealous that you live by the beach, but I'll overlook it! So you've got to put a nice big picture of yourself on the blog. I can tell you have long hair - but I can't SEE your face clearly in any of the pictures, and I've never seen you with long hair. When my oldest was almost a year I was looking through pictures and realized that if I died she wouldn't know what I looked like - I wasn't in any pictures. It was then I realized why my mom was always like, here take a picture of me doing this, etc. When your the one behind the camera it's hard to remember to hand it to someone else sometimes. Anyway, my email is I'm so excited to be back in touch!!