Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes-yes another blog, yet again

So last night Clif and I were watching the History channel. Yes, I know we are geeks. They had a show on about the Great Depression and the weather phenomenons that were associated with the depression era. The announcer kept saying the dust bowl, with it's pestilence of rabbits, poisenous insects, and destructive critters, was of biblical proportions. As a History buff, I was amazed how much of the information that was being given is not in History textbooks and better yet, that most of us do not realize what was happening in the Midwest durning this time.

As I watched I had an eppifany of thought. I don't bring up religion or inner thoughts on this blog, but I wanted to share this with others. Remember in the bible how the Lord brings pestilence to the Egyptions because they won't release the Isrealites under Moses's command?

The 1930's was not much different. America, which had been blessed and extremely prosperous up until the last 1920's had similar experiences of that with Moses and the Pharaoh. Women lost babies to the dust that coated the children's lungs much like black lung killed those that worked in the coal mines. In fact, children's lungs effected by this for 2 years looked like what coal mine worker's lungs after a decade. They literally suffocated to death on mud. There were insects that killed children and adults alike. People lost their farms for pennies to the failing banks. Huge numbers of people starved to death.

Like most people, I had grandparents that grew up in the Great Depression and had awful stories to share about it, but have we learned from their experiences? Do we remember how the Lord chastens those that forget Him? I have been pondering this as the elections come up and since the economy is so awful. Do we remember our blessings or are we headed into another Great Depression era? I would hope not. Like I said, this is not a blog usually for inner thoughts, but I was struck on how much we don't remember such recent chastisements and how far we have not come since then.

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