Monday, November 17, 2008

Boy kids grow up fast!

Since Liam has been in speech therapy, he has been shocking me with the depth of his thinking and verbalization. What I don't know is if I am just being unprepared for him growing up, or if I just didn't expect him to say what he was thinking. So if you don't think this is funny- then don't tell me, I think he is a ham.

Today while we were reading his speech therapy homework he made me laugh. His homework consists of four pictures: a pan, a pile of peas, a man paying, and a pie. He is supposed to be working on his sentence structure so he says "My pie". Pretty basic, so we have been pleased that he has picked it up quickly. Well, when he said his sentence, it wasn't so basic. He said, "My pan, Mom makes eggs in pan". Then, to top it off, he said 'My peas, Mom cooks peas in the microwave". Yay, I always knew he was super smart, now he can tell people how smart he is.

On Saturday, Liam and I were racing Clif and the girls to the car. Liam fell down and skinned his knees and was really upset. I kissed his knee and gave him a love and told him to buckle up. Clif was helping him buckle up and told him that Liam was ok. Liam said "No!". Clif then fell back to the old story that we use and said "Liam, your a boy and boy's bounce, so you are ok". Liam said "No bounce, I cry". I think that we learned he is not going to put up with our nonsense anymore.

Last week when it was nap time, Liam and I fell asleep. I got up before he did and so I went into the other room trying to not wake him up. Pretty soon I heard this horrific scream and Liam came bawling out of my room. I gave him a love and asked him what was wrong. He wouldn't answer and so I said "Did you wake up and I wasn't there?" To which he said "Yeah, I was scared, really really scared". I thought it was so funny. He is so cute and he is not afraid to show his emotional side.

The girls are also so funny. Evelyn is the biggest faker you have ever seen. If she gets her feeling hurt she bawls and lashes out, usually at those who hurt her feelings. Like today, she had the cup of letter magnets. MyraJean took them away, Evelyn let out a blood curdling scream and then took it back. Then, she pushed her over in an attempt to get even. By this time I am watching her and she comes running over to me to get sympathy, without a further thought to her sister who is laying on the kitchen floor screaming in pain.

MyraJean is the cutest little thing ever. She is so girly, it is like she is a teenager already. She doesn't like dirt on her hands, or getting dirty on her face. She loves to give kisses and is pretty laid back, especially compared to her sister. I do have to say though, I went to check on her last night and she had eaten Swedish meatballs and raviolis (the yucky Chef Boyardykind) for dinner. I picked her her up and gave her a love and she burped in my face. First of all, it STUNK, and second she laughed when I said "Oh, gross". Didn't I just say she was dainty? Funny!

That is the stories of this week, stay tuned for cute pictures and funny stories.


Ketchesons said...

Hehehe I like the burping of the little lady :-)

shar said...

ok, i can totally relate to random bodily functions. and leah was trying to be more dainty and didn't want to say "fart" so she told me instead of saying that word, she was going to say,
"I F-ed". mmmm...bad idea.

Marci said...

Congrats on the new baby! I love the name! Good pick! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! We love you all so much. Take care of each other for us....Love you forever! Can't wait to see some more pictures!

Stacy said...

I love to hear about the funny little comments kids make! Once Oliver said that my breath stunk and I asked him what it smelled like. He then responds, "It smells like oyster skins!" I was like... "WHAT?!"

Also, congrats on your new little girlie! It's always fun to introduce the kids to a new baby! :o) She's a cutie!