Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas- and after

Merry Christmas!

My children are now learning the love of opening gifts. Liam says almost after every present "Oh wow, really cool". It makes me laugh to hear him chatter about his gifts. He did get quite the amount of toys: a guitar, a scooter, a new tool set, some more blocks, a new train set, and much much more. He was a little confused about how come Santa did not stay after he came down the chimney. After explaining 2-10 times, I think he kind of grasped the idea.

The girls received as much. Amongst the new arrivals were two vacuums, two scooters, some clothes (badly needed), some new buses, some babies, and much much more. I think that we tripled the toy count in the house overnight. They didn't seem to understand the whole opening package bit, but neither did Liam at that age. They sure do love the toys though, and it has been fun to be able to spoil them a little.

Clif and I had a ball with the kids. We were able to spend Christmas Eve together with my whole Seattle family. Liam loved playing with his cousins and the adults had a good time eating and chatting.

Unfortunately, due to the weather, Clif and I did not feel like we could take Adele out in the cold and were not able to head to my sisters for Christmas dinner. They forgave us though, and took Liam to the zoo with them today. How fun for him!


Cyn said...

The girls look so big!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your kids are so cute. I can't believe you have 4 little ones isn't wonderful! We've been in Show Low for about two weeks talk to you soon!

Marci said...

Brock was excited to see that Liam got the same jammies as him. Crazy huh? How are you doing after having such a sweet baby? HOpe you are well!