Friday, January 16, 2009

I have too much empty time

I hope that you all can read this. My friend sent this to me and it really hit home. I didn't realise what the childless woman thought us stay at home moms did. In response to the article, I would like to tell you about the "easy life" I have had this week.
My mom was so sweet and agreed to watch the kiddos while we went to Clif's holiday party at the symphony. Clif and I managed to get the girls and Liam bathed, fed, the house cleaned, and my Mom picked up all before 7. Clif ran and got her while I finished putting myself together and got everyone and everything squared away. As we are walking out the door to the first date we have had in months, Evelyn throws up all over the bed, the floor, the crib (basically everything in sight). I quickly clean up the bed, change the sheet, put her in new jammies, and give her a bit of milk. I tell my mom to watch out for her, make sure she is OK while we are gone and we leave.
Half way through the performance I call my Mom and am reassured that everything is OK. Great! I can do just fine. We need to leave a bit early as Clif forgot that he had to teach the next day and so were off. We get home about 10 to both girls vomiting all over their blankets and towels. They were so sick, they went through all their sheets, all their blankets, and into most of the towels. Seriously, like 5 batches of instant laundry. So we cleaned them up, we started in on the loads of laundry, we got ready for bed and fed the baby and by 12 pm got in bed.
Sunday was a bit uneventful, more laundry, cleaned all the bathrooms (again), started to Clorox all the toys, Clif taught his lesson, and I tried to be positive about Monday. Monday was great, until Liam came out of his room a million times and Adele ate every 20 minutes it seemed.
On Tuesday, Clif left for work and by 6 am Liam was throwing up all over the bathroom, the bedroom and everywhere but the toilet. So I cleaned him up, cleaned the bathroom and put movies in for the kids to watch while I did his sheets, the babies sheets, all of my bedding (yes, he threw up there too). By 11 when I watched my friends kiddos, Liam had thrown up in the family room, his bathroom and began to run a fever. I called Clif and told him that I needed him home and he graciously came home too. We put the kids down for naps and started to Clorox all the toys. Clif cleaned up and did dishes while I went to sleep for an hour. Hallelujah for husbands of the 21st century. I thought by Tuesday night at least we were doing ok since this stomach flu was only lasting 24 hours.
Wednesday, I was a little worried about being sick but thought it was because I had cleaned up vomit from every room in the house. I started to get really sick after naps and by 5:30 was praying that I wouldn't start throwing up until Clif got home. Well, someone listened to my prayers since I didn't start throwing up until 6:30 but by that time I was sitting in the bathroom with Adele on my lap puking in a bowl and trying to keep the girls out of the bathroom. To tell a condensed version of an incredibly long and disgusting story, Clif and I both were up all night long with the stomach flu, Liam had croup and Adele also got the flu so she screamed most of the night.
Thursday, Clif did not go to work and we both cleaned up and did laundry, took care of the kids, and tried to survive on no sleep. It was not great but not too bad either. Clif and I both got a great nights sleep and it was so nice.
Friday I finished the mound of laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, made breakfast, lunch and dinner (all of which my kids did not eat). This is all on top of maintaining a household, trying to have an adult life, make sure that I am available for all my kids, take care of an infant... etc.
I write this in response to the article, WHAT IS THE EASY LIFE? Does this sound like fun to you? Love my kids and my life, but please tell me that this is not what real adults think a stay at home mom does... sit around and eat bon bons- give me a break.


Cyn said...

I vividly remember nursing Ciera while in the bathroom being sick both ways-being a parent is never easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can't imagine only thinking of myself every day.

Good to hear you are all feeling better though!

Mynamyn said...

Eating bon-bons, ha! I wouldn't know a bon-bon if it jumped up and slapped me in the face. This "Tacoma" woman has been spending too much time around adults. Self-sufficient, self-maintaining adults. She needs to offer to babysit her friend's kids for a week. A whole week. Keep them fed, dressed, clean, happy. Clip their nails and take them to the grocery store. Or to Costco. On a Saturday morning. Moms get no weekends, no sick days, no vacations. We're full time moms for 15 hours a day and on-call moms for the other 9 hours. This woman really needs some perspective.
You're great, Bree, hang in there! If I don't call you right back then you know why...I'm too busy being a mom!

Fromagette said...

Bree, thanks for the article! It sure made me laugh. I'm going to have to send it to all my mom friends (and maybe some of the non-moms.)