Monday, February 2, 2009

And now it is 2 am....whats on tv?

This week Adele has had a horrible cold that my family seems to have passed around. Clif and Liam got it first and had it pretty badly and then graciously passed it to the twins. I was crossing my fingers that I would not get it at all and wham! I got it on Friday which would not be too bad except that Clif wasn't home on Saturday, I had tomatoes to can, and Adele got the cold too. Yuck!
The first couple of days I was ok and so were the others in my family, in fact, Clif seemed to get it the worst. Then last night? Adele couldn't sleep and so neither did Clif and I although I feel like I took the brunt of it. I now know how my good friend feels like....

Can I cry now? Seriously, babies should come with an off button for those late nights where you are still watching tv becuase it is all you can do to not come unglued from exhaustion.

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