Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cheap entertainment

This week at Liam's speech therapy appointment, I took all of the kiddos. I thought of everything that the kids would need like snacks, and shoes and socks, and books to eat, oh I mean read, and many other things. I dropped Liam off at his classroom and took the rest of the 3 kids to the office to sit for a half an hour. My goal was to not have any baby crying loud enough to be asked to leave by the office staff. So I spent the half hour reading the same 4 books over and over again, singing the Hokie Pokie, Once there was A Snowman, Old McDonald, ABC's and many other songs, and handing out gold fish crackers.

We had the office staff laughing at the girls doing the Hokie Pokie. They thought the girls were so cute but were very confused as to why we were hanging out in the office. I explained that my 3 year old had speech therapy with their therapist and I didn't want to go home just to turn around in 10 minutes to come back. Shock and astonishment registered on all of their faces when they found out that my oldest was 3 and I was able to get them all out of the house. One of them even called me a saint! Ha! Little did they know that I used my "sweet and soft" voice so that they wouldn't get scared and call CPS on me.

I hope they know that we will be back right on time next Tuesday with our standing appointment of speech therapy.

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