Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who taught him that?

This morning Liam woke me up with a cute smile and said "The babies (twins) are awake, Mom, I am going to go play with them. I replied "Sure, just give me a couple of minutes OK?" He then ran out of the room to play with the babies. He threw the door open, said super loud "Hi Babies, time to wake up", and proceeded to throw all the toys in their room on the floor. I groaned and rolled over to look at the clock... 7 a.m. on the dot. I really thought it was much later since it was light outside.

Liam came back into my room and said "Babies are awake, Mom, you need to get out of bed and come get them out of their beds". I replied that I would get out of bed in about 5 minutes, just so he would leave me in peace. I heard him go back into the babies room and play some more and I must have dozed off since the next thing I remember is his face in my face. This time he was much more forceful "Mom, the babies are awake right now, you need to get out of bed. No more 5 minutes or 10 minutes, get out of bed NOW." What else was I supposed to do, I got out of bed and got on with the day.

Then later that morning, Liam was all too quiet for me. I went looking for him and I found him in my room hiding behind my bed near my sewing machine. I asked him what he was doing, he was cutting paper with my sewing scissors, but I asked him to see what he would say. He told me that he was cutting paper. I asked him what happened when he got into the scissors without me, and he said "You spank my bum". I told him to turn around so I could spank him and he said "Not too hard Mom, just a little spank". I needed it to make an impression on him so I spanked him enough to hurt but not enough to cause pain. He looked up at me afterwards (he was crying) and said "I TOLD YOU not a big spanking, just a little spanking". Seriously.... who taught him that?

So next time you use the classic phrases like "I told you...", "What did I say?", "No Liam, like this..." or the classic "Hold on a minute, PLEASE" remember that it will come back to bite you when they repeat not just the words but the meaning behind the words.

And I swore I would never tell my kids "Because I said so". What maturity teaches us, humph!


Rebekah said...

Kids are funny. And, honestly, I have no sympathy. ALL my kids, except Kate, QUIT napping at 18 months! Enjoy that. :)

Sarah said...

Congratulations on your new sweet baby! I'm with the women at the office - if not a saint, at least Wonderwoman! She had a sweet soft voice and used force when necessary :) You're kids really are so cute. I can't believe that article. Really! Like I spend all my time sitting around doing nothing making excuses to NOT do fun things with friends.

Kelly said...

Your kids are getting too big! Adele looks like a little doll in that picture though. :)