Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Never again- I hope

I dedicate this post to my Mother, who never gave me scissors until I reached kindergarten age. "Why", you ask? I cut everything from my sisters new yellow jeans and all the extra fabric, to the curtains, to who knows what else.

Liam is the new "Me". I have found large cuts in my sheets, my quilt cover, Liam's clothes, and now MY HAIR! The other day I got out of the shower and brushed my hair into place to find a lot (a small clump) only an inch long. He must have cut it while I was sleeping. "How", you ask, "do you sleep through a three year old giving you a hair cut". Easily when you have 4 children 3 and under and your 3 year old gets out of bed at 5:55 or 6 am every morning.

My Mom thinks this is quite funny, so I have heard, does my Dad. I on the other hand, think this is a horrible payback. Not only do I have a three year old that can not be in a room by himself, but I have 2 year old twins that won't stop going in opposite directions, and an infant that doesn't sleep by herself or take a pacifier.

I CAN SLEEP THROUGH ANYTHING!!!! I guess Kindergarten has a lot to teach Liam because now I am done with teaching a little boy to cut anything.


Kirsten said...

I'm SOOO sorry! I don't have any advice to give though. I wish I did! Luckily, none of my kids have gone through that...although, just today Tate did find a pair and tried to "cut the bumps out" of my bed spread (the thread)! I quickly intervened before he could do any damage. I hide my scissors so even Macie can't use them unless she asks.

Ketchesons said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry, I have to be honest with you though. I laughed HARD!!!
and now I feel really bad for you :-(
Elena did the same to her BRAND NEW adorable DRESS!!!! She looked so cute in it and as soon we got home from church she cut the front of it in little pieces. I cried man, I cried :-(

Sarah said...

Bree! In a few years this will be very funny for you. For now, I think survival is what counts. I pray my two year old never gets a hold of scissors. She's dangerous with anything in gelatinous form, so I could only imagine. Smart kid though - why risk your own looks when you can sacrifice someone else's? :)

Marisa said...

Bree- when Jared was 3 he cut his hair so bad we had to shave his head -- the entire top of his head looked like he had shingled it -- I could have won a fortune with a bad hair cut contest :)

Fromagette said...

Once my brother chopped up my favorite dress and all the clothes for my doll. I really hope Anna doesn't learn what scissors are.

Mindy said...

okay- now we have to see a pic of your new haircut!
i remember cutting my own hair after cutting the hair off of all my barbies. good times, good times.
he must just miss your cute short haircut!

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