Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What your mother said that you swore you never would

The other night Liam was found in his room with the light on. It must have been over an hour after his normal bed time and Clif was a bit miffed at him. The problem is that Liam would stay quiet in there for hours and we would never know if he was sleeping or not since there is not a good crack under the door to let us know if the light was on. I also need to clarify that this has happened on a frequent basis and Clif and I both are a little bent out of shape and tired of this ritual.

So back to the story. I heard Clif go into the room and start to chastise Liam for having his light on again. Then I heard Liam loose his temper and start to throw a fit. I waited for the tantrum to end and Clif came back into our room. I asked him what happened and he said that he was tired of Liam not listening to Clif and turning his light on after Liam was put to bed. So he was taking the light bulb out of the socket so Liam couldn't turn his light on after he was supposed to be in bed. That caused the tantrum and so Clif gave Liam one more chance not to loose his light.

I thought taking his light for punishment was really ingenious. Although it reminds me of when I was a teenager and I got mad at my parents. During a fight, I locked my door so my parents couldn't come in and continue the fight. After a little while they stopped trying to get into the room and I thought I had won. Little did I know, my dad was getting some tools to remove my door. I didn't have a door for about a month.

What goes around comes around.......


Ketchesons said...

Oh my!
Are you praying and repenting right now? :-0
Elena did the exact same thing. We took the power off her room because her room has about5 light bulbs. After about a week she thought they were all broken so she never tried again. We could tell when she did it because she shares her room with Victoria and she will let us know.

Fromagette said...

We have to unscrew Anna's lightbulb each night before she goes to bed. Of course, she has found a way around that: she just comes out of her room and turns on the light in the bathroom. My sister found her in the bathroom singing last night around midnight.

Rebekah said...

Yes, it does...

Melvin said...

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