Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What happens to time?

I know that it has been over a month- now closer to two since I have last blogged. What can I say, life is crazy.

Liam is getting older all the time, he is talking non stop and just so much fun to be around. He has started a little bit of school and seems to like it fairly well. I am so amazed that he loves to learn already. He is also getting quite the mouth on him. The other day in the car, he was saying something that I didn't understand and I asked him to repeat it. He ignored me and kept talking, I asked him again what he was saying. This time he looked at me and said, "I wasn't talking to you, Mom!" Well said.

Liam was talking about Clif's friend Dan who visited us the day before Easter. I asked him if he slept ok the next day. He said no. "Why not? I asked him. "Because Jesus came last night and didn't leave before I went to bed." I have to add that Dan is very olive skinned and had slightly wavy hair with a bit of facial hair. He had a striking resemblance to Jesus. That is primary at work, I guess.

The normal babysitters were over the other day and put Liam to bed. When he got up later to go to the bathroom, he asked if the "Chinese girls" were still here. I told him no, that they had to go home. He asked why and then said "But they need to come back, I need them very much."

The girls know that I breastfeed Adele. The other day at the store, Evelyn put her hand down her shirt and then looked in it. I told her what body parts were in there, and she kept looking down her shirt. I asked her what was down there and she made the sign for milk. It was pretty funny. We ask her all the time what is down her shirt, she seems to know there is milk in there somewhere.

MyraJean and Evelyn have started speech therapy. MyraJean says the important words, milk, more, Mom, up, off and so on. Evelyn- not so much. BUT- they are potty training and today was the first day with no accidents!!!!!! YAY
Adele is huge- at least for me. She is almost 14 lbs. Liam was 14 lbs at a year so it is pretty amazing. We love her, she always has a smile and is quite the mover. I expect to see her crawling with in the month, and it really scares me. She is getting way to big to fast. I do love this age, though.

Clif and I have been somewhat busy. We have been canning and cooking, freezing and making jam. Clif is really busy with work- thank goodness. The kids are getting bigger, busier, and crazier. We have been really busy but we have pictures of the tulip fields. My kids are so cute!


Belkycita said...

Oh my dear, they are so cute!!!
and way too funny, they have taken a lot of your personality ;-)

Cyn said...

They are indeed, way too cute!

Rebekah said...

Kids are funny. And Dan DOES look like Jesus! :)

Naomi said...

Your kids crack me up! Thanks for the update. It's great to see how much the children are growing. Those pictures are great! Did you get a new camera or something? They look professional. :)

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness... the Jesus comment about your husband's friend... I'm DYING LAUGHING!!! I love the things kids say!!! :O)

Eden once told my brother, "When I'm a beautiful puppy, I will bite my toenails!" hehehe

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!
pictures are awesome..
thanks for sharing....

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