Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So this week we have been grappling with the words that come out of Liam's mouth. On Sunday, primary was held in the chapel since the kids were practicing for their primary program. Liam is not used to change and has a really hard time adjusting. Between Clif and I, we could not calm Liam down enough to sit in his assigned chair and I told one of the leaders that I was leaving. I figured if he needed me in 5 minutes than I would come back and sit with him.
After church I asked Liam if he enjoyed class. He said no, he just liked his regular class. He said "I cried and was super sad, AND I didn't even sing the songs." So there!

This past week I was at my parents house. I came down around the corner and smashed my third toe into my Mom's huge antique mirror. I must have crushed it pretty bad without breaking it but it sure felt like it was broken. Never the less, I have been walking around with what I have been saying is either a broken toe or a danged bad jammed toe. Liam has been mimicking me and telling everyone he has broken his toe.


Cyn said...

Very cute! Sorry about the toe and hopefully Liam's heals very soon too :)

Belkycita said...

He is sharp!!
sorry for your toe :-(

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!
pictures are awesome..
thanks for sharing....

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