Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming to a close

This was a great summer. My family got together to go camping, we saw Clif's family in July, we moved... that is all, I think.

I must be really loved. I have a friend that "loaned" me her two daughters 3 times a week to help me watch the kids or whatever. Sometimes I slept, I canned, cleaned, played, and sometimes went out without the kids. It has been such a blessing to me since the kids would have been really miserable if they had just me to play with. Not only do they watch the kids but they have become family. I love that family!

There are a couple of family funnies that I need to record, here it goes.

Conversation with MyraJean.
Mom: "What does a puppy say?"
MyraJean: "ruff ruff ruff"
Mom: "What does a cat say?"
MyraJean: "eow eow eow"
Mom: "What does baby Tarzan say?"
MyraJean: "OUWE OUWE"
Mom: "What does Evelyn say?"
MyraJean: "NO NO NO!"
(You have to know the family to get this one, but I find it funny and fitting)

Overheard conversation with Pumpkin and Liam. Pumpkin doesn't want to play anymore.
Pumpkin: "I don't want to play with you anymore"
Liam: "But we're cousins, we are supposed to play together. We're cousins, Pumpkin"

Evelyn has been more independent lately. She tries to put her clothes on by herself. She has succeded in getting her underwear on. The other day she demanded that she do it herself. She got them up (I mean all the way to her boobs). But when she bent over to grab something off the floor I saw two little bum cheeks on either side of the "string" underwear she had on. I tried to get a picture for posterior, oh I mean posterity, but she moved too much.

Liam said the prayer again the other night. He had been begging to go to the park and finally gave up. "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. Please bless I eat good. Please bless the babies go to bed easy. Please bless Dylan (neighbor), and Kaelee, Ellie, and Sue. Please bless us to go to the park tomorrow if it is nice (since it rains alot). NJC, Amen." I guess he decided to take it to a higher power since I was slacking. We went the next day

Adele was army crawling and then started to sit up. Now all of a sudden she goes from crawling to sitting to crawling. She is so big of a little girl. I can't believe she is almost 9 months old.

Liam is starting preschool this year. I thought he would love the excuse of not having to take naps any more. The other day he told me he still wanted to take naps. I asked why and he replied "I am just too tired NOT to take naps". Do you think I should remind him that he told me that every time he tells me he does not want to take a nap?

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