Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crazy yet funny day

So Adele was up late last night screaming sick. My good friend Kathy was a life savor and gave me some advice and medicine that really helped. So today I got up early and took her to the Dr.'s office. When we got back I realized that our landlord was at the house with a arbor crew cutting down some old dead trees. I couldn't stay there and so I called Kathy again and intruded into her home. She was wonderful and gave us lunch, waffles with sprinkles, which my kids loved. She turned to Liam at one point and complimented him on his good manners. He replied "Yes, it is just because I am a nice boy". Ha- and who would have thought a 4 year old had such great self esteem.

The other day I was talking to my landlord about some canning items. We have a joint vegetable garden and she brought some fruit for me to can. Liam heard me on the phone and asked me who I was talking to. The conversation follows:
I told him, "Carol".
"Carol, our landlady?" He asked
"Yes, Carol" I said
"I like Carol", he said "She is a nice person, a nice farmer person".
"A nice farmer person? What makes you think she is a farmer?"
"She pulls weeds and gives us carrots, that means she is a farmer".
I laughed pretty hard. Then I called Carol and told her, it was so funny.


Cyn said...

He's gotten so big and such a creative little mind!

Kirsten said...

Ha! I love it! He's adorable!

Rebekah said...

Is that really all it takes to be a farmer?! Still, I'm not a farmer...