Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ignorance or Honesty

My 3 older kids are potty trained, and go fairly often without my help. There is a green rug that goes in front of the toilet. On Monday it was put in a pile by the bathtub, with a big wet spot in the middle of the rug. I asked Evelyn who peed on the rug, "Myra" she said. Evelyn has a nasty habit of lying and blaming others for her naughtiness, so I asked Myra who peed on the rug. "Myra" she said. Huh, and I thought honesty was old fashioned.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

PS- This explains the screaming

Adele cut her first 2 teeth this week. So that is why she has been up all night nursing-ugh. This is unusual for my kids, Liam was 1 when he got teeth, the twins were 15 months. So here is to chewing up your food before you swallow. Congrats Adele!

Birthday and Pumpkin Patch

So my birthday was a hit, as always. Clif got me a smoker that I used almost immediately. My Dad, Mom and sister matched up and got me a new pasta maker and book that I have used a ton already. Also a ticket to a play that I loved and a great new parenting book, The Blessings of a Skinned Knee. If you love your kids and parenting, this book is a must.

Then the past week I have a couple of funnies of my kids. Liam was talking to my Mom and asked her why she went to the Dr office. She told him that her bones weren't strong and so she had to see a dr. about it. He asked her "Don't you drink milk? I drink milk so I can get big and strong."

Huh, it really goes in? Who would have thought!

MyraJean talks a lot. I told her to go and help her sister and brother clean up the toys. She said
I did". What, when did she start talking, including talking back? She says ok to everything, repeats a ton of words, and is genuinely communicating. Yay!
Evelyn has had her hair cut. Liam got in trouble for cutting his hair on my birthday, must not have sunk in well. On Wednesday, he cut Evelyn's hair while I was comforting MyraJean for hurt feelings. All I remember is crying and my friend saying "Are you breathing yet?" Then he did it again about 15 minutes later. She has a strip gone off the top right down the middle. Then he cut some off the left side. So one of her sides of hair is shaggy and so thin. I have to put the top up together to cover the strip down the middle and I can't do 2 piggies since one side looks like she is a chemo patient.

By Friday of this week I can positively say things have been so chaotic. Two haircuts, Liam got into the medicine cabinet and then threw up all over the house from eating too many cough drops (He didn't have a cough), 4 speeding tickets in one month, sick and tired kids, need I say more.

If you don't think you should follow the speeding limit, let me educate you. I have had 4 speeding tickets in one month, yes you read that right. 3 were from the school zone near my house where Liam has speech therapy, all of them 10 miles or less over the speed limit. The last came from going 6 over the speed limit on the major road 1/2 block from my house.... I now go the speed limit, I have ticked off everyone that lives in Seattle from following the speed limit. I am about to put a sign in my back window that says "How is my driving, call 1-800-no-more-tickets. Sigh.

My sister, Mom, and I went to the pumpkin patch at Carlton farms near Everett. It was so much fun. There was a pumpkin launch, which was a ball (literally), a great patch where you could walk out and pick a pumpkin, a great picnic area, and lots more. My kids and my sister's had so much fun.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yay for me

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to Bree, Happy birthday to me!

Seriously? Yay for 30, I am finally old enough to feel like an adult. Pictures and stories to follow.