Thursday, December 17, 2009

And I though child labor was a thing of the past.

Liam has started to answer the phone for me. It is so great, I just need to work on his phone ettiquite. My sister-in-law called the other day while I was working out downstairs. He answered the phone and asked who it was. After handling all the preliminary questions, Rebekah asked if she could talk to me and he said "No, that I was exersizing". Then he asked Rebekah,
"Can you talk to me for a few minutes?". I thought he was getting enough adult stimulation at home, I guess I was wrong.

Adele is one today!

So Adele has had a birthday this week. She is one. The year has gone so fast. Not only that but we are not expecting again. This is a true blessing since we have gotten pregnant after each baby in about a year. Yeah, not thinking that is going to happen...

Adele is huge. She smiles all the time and says, Daddy, Mommy, hi, and I swear she says something like Mimi (my mom). She is walking around holding on the furniture, and tries to climb on everything. She has such a sweet strong personality. She smiles non-stop but she also can turn on you if you take something from her. Did I mention that she out eats Liam already, and that she is still tiny. My kids are not destined for greatness- in size.

I am amazed by her all the time. Here are a couple of cute pictures.
First cupcake. Don;t you love the homemade mousse?

I love this picture with her and Clif. Cute huh!

Ok.. so long a post, again

I realize that I never posted Halloween pictures. They were content to stay on the camera and my computer would eject the cord randomly, hence no pictures of late. Here are some cute ones.

My sister and I took our set of twins to the twin Halloween party. They had games, pictures, and treats. The girls were apprehensive until they saw the goodies. I love that my kids would go home with the first stranger that offered them candy. Cute pictures never the less.

The twins were bubble baths. It was cute, most people even got what they were. Other close choices were clouds, or white grapes. I thought the girls were adorable. The only drawback was that when we went trick or treating in Seattle, some of the candy hander-outers wouldn't give them to the second twin thinking that they already gave the bubble girl a candy. I fixed it by making sure that they saw double at the same time.

Liam is a pirate. There has been a strong relationship with pirates for the last few months in our house. I have tiny pirates in my bed, in my kitchen, at the table. Liam is consumed with swords, ships, treasures. Don't be surprised if the pirates of the seas whisk Liam away one of these days.