Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adele is one today!

So Adele has had a birthday this week. She is one. The year has gone so fast. Not only that but we are not expecting again. This is a true blessing since we have gotten pregnant after each baby in about a year. Yeah, not thinking that is going to happen...

Adele is huge. She smiles all the time and says, Daddy, Mommy, hi, and I swear she says something like Mimi (my mom). She is walking around holding on the furniture, and tries to climb on everything. She has such a sweet strong personality. She smiles non-stop but she also can turn on you if you take something from her. Did I mention that she out eats Liam already, and that she is still tiny. My kids are not destined for greatness- in size.

I am amazed by her all the time. Here are a couple of cute pictures.
First cupcake. Don;t you love the homemade mousse?

I love this picture with her and Clif. Cute huh!


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Hope you all had a great time celebrating her 1st year! She's absolutely adorable!