Thursday, January 28, 2010

Selfish to a point

So I don't post much about me. I realize that people really come here to see cute pictures, interesting stories, and funny quips about my kids, not to really hear from me. Today, the masses hear from me. I am tired of growing. I have been growing since I had the twins, I lost a bunch of the growth within a year of their birth. Yet when I got pregnant with Adele, I grew again. This time I was too tired with 4 kids within a 3.5 year space to care about the growth that was taking place. I have since re birthed and had an epiphany moment. If I care to loose the growth, I will become me again.

So I drastically cut my calories, diligently started working out every morning, stopped snacking and stopped drinking soda. I lost about 5 lbs at the beginning and got within 10 lbs of my original weight. I has since stopped loosing weight. I have held out this 10 lbs for more than 2 weeks and am so frustrated I could eat a pizza... by myself. What is the point to try to be more healthy if the real me never comes out. I might as well eat that cookie, or drink the diet coke that my body craves. But I am holding out, that .5% chance that I will actually loose the last 10 lbs is keeping me from giving totally up.

My brother is exceptionally knowledgeable about all things healthy and he has given me some great advice. To keep exercising, to keep diligently eating well, to keep moving. I get the point but have never had this much trouble loosing weight. I realize this is shallow, I don't truly care if I am.

But really, I just don't want to be the mom that never looses the 10 lbs. I want to be the Mom that doesn't look like she is 15 anymore but she does get in shape. Round, is not a shape.... So if you have any advice or good ideas... maybe some good recipes, let me know. If this doesn't start to come off I am going to do lipo, so start sending the referrals. The mere thought of having a Dr. suck the fat off strategical places seems like a good alternative to starving and exercising. Hum- going to think on that one.

Well like I said, this post is for me. Read if you want, comment if you feel the need, sympathise with me at least. Just don't send me any more cookie recipes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

WWYD- What would you do?

So I took the kids to the mall for a treat last week. Clif was at work so I was in no hurry to get home. I was not there to shop.. What, you go shopping with 4 kids? you say! Huh, I do it all the time. Still. I was not there to shop, I told the kids we would go the See's candy so that they could have a treat and then we were going home. The kids got the option of nuts or no nuts. I then packed the three chocolate cover peanut clusters and the kids to the closest table in the middle of the mall. All was going fine until Evelyn wouldn't swallow her chewed up peanuts, I let her spit them out into my hand. I told MyraJean to swallow hers and she started to choke on hers. I let MyraJean spit hers out in my hand as well. Only she wasn't choking. No, no, she was THROWING UP in my hand. Being the sane mom I am, I held out both hands to catch the puke and then realized after it happened that I had no bathroom or sink to clean it up. So I did what any person would do. I wiped my hands on her shirt then pulled the puked on shirt off of her. That put the puke up her nose and she started to puke again. All over the floor, the chair, and the table. I quickly stripped her down to her underwear, stripped my sweater off, and clothed her in it. So here I was at the mall at 6:30 with 4 kids, no coats (it wasn't raining when we went to the mall), a child with no clothes on except my humongous sweater, and it was poring down rain. Oh did I mention that I had no stroller and that no one wanted to hold MyraJean's hand since she threw up. Oh what picky kids I have.

I cleaned up the table, chair, and floor as best as I could with diaper wipes. I hauled all four kids to the information desk (which was not clearly marked) and asked "Is this the information desk?" The man looked at me like I was an idiot and said "Yes". I then explained that my child puked all over and that it would be prudent to get someone to clean it up. He looked totally grossed out and I just left.

All the way to the car I kept telling MyraJean that if she was going to throw up again, to not do it in my car, there was no way I could get that smell out. We have not been to the mall since, call me paranoid. I just figure that Clif can come next time to see what he would have done.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flight Museum

Museum of Flight- by PB

This year for the Holiday event, PB took it's employees to the Museum of Flight. Boring you say, not on your life. It was so cool, especially for a history major. I loved it, the kids thought all the airplanes, jets, and space exhibits were cool. Then we sat outside and ate lunch while watching the planes take off at the near by Boeing airport. It was one of the most memorable and fun company parties I have ever been too. I think the kids had less fun than I did.
The Museum was also open the the adults that night for a dinner. You could wander and look at the exhibits and have a ride on the flight simulator. I spent so much time looking at the cool exhibits that Clif and I were not able to get on a ride simulator. Sorry Clif.

These are all in a blackbird jet. It is not made for anyone large of stature or with short legs. The kids all fit in perfectly.

Aren't my kids adorable!

Some kind of cool airplane. I don't know with one this is

I thought this was a cute picture of me and the kids. Evie doesn't like her picture taken. It is too bad since she is so cute. They really liked it though, and Liam had a ball with his dad looking at all the cool space things. He kept saying "Like where Pop works?" It was so fun to see some of the cool inventions and really neat exhibits like the Amelia Earhart exhibit. What a woman!

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Santa showed up with a vengeance this year. He also left nasty sooty footprints all over my house. You can see some soot on the rug right next to the stroller. My kids must have been unusually good this year since they made out like bandits. The girls got baby dolls including twin strollers, and cribs. Liam got a Black and Decker toolbox with a working drill and a project car to work on. Adele got to look at everyone opening their presents with relish.

Santa was so good to the kids that he didn't think about the mental health of the parents. The kids all got recorders, (yes, 3 very loud noise makers). They are not allowed to play them in the house, like that is going to fly, ha!. They also got hand puppets, etch-a-sketches, various food items plus cookies cut outs. I have picked up more food items than I ever thought was possible.

Christmas was amazing in 2009. My in-laws did a really fun 12 days of Christmas complete with a different memory/idea for our family each night of the week. My kids loved getting to open all the gifts and made sure that Dad remembered to let them open them.
Also, my Mom and sister gave the kids Advent Calendars. What a hit! A little bit of chocolate right before bed to ensure sweet dreams. We missed a couple of days in there so the kids had a little extra chocolate to eat on Christmas.

The matching pj's are a family tradition on both sides. Clif's mom gave all the kids jammie pants and my parents gave them the sweet Christmas jammies in the pictures. I don't have pictures of the jammie pants since they are shorts and it was really cold at Christmas this year, no snow though. These pictures were at our house this year. We forgot to bring the camera with us to my sisters and moms, so I am hoping others take pity on us and send us the ones they took.
We spent Christmas eve at my sisters, and Christmas brunch and dinner at my parents. It was so nice to have all the family together. Even Taylor and Melissa were here at the last minute to celebrate with.

Isn't Adele so cute? She turned 1 ten days before Christmas. There must have been something wrong with the camera settings because all of the pictures were so fuzzy that I don't have any of her. I am so sad. So here is a cute picture of her. She loved looking at other's gifts and helping opening them. She got a dinosaur pop up toy, some stacking items, and a pig with a shape sorter. She loved everything she got. But nothing tops the pretty princess ride-along car that my parents gave her. It is the biggest hit of the Christmas season and I have had to put the car into time out more than any other toy. It is crazy how much all the kids love it.

Here are the girls in typical fashion. They have loved their babies until their babies have had enough. They stroll them around the house, put them to bed, "nurse" and feed their babies. Shush anyone that makes too much noise when the babies are sleeping. The twins are turning into cute good little mommies. To accompany the babies, they got "Dixie" puppies with their own carrying bags that bark and move their heads. Myra Jean and Evie have taken their puppies everywhere with them. They have had such a good time caring for their new pets and babies. I have gotten a real kick out of their blooming love for little animals and babies.

Liam got a drill as you can see. He loved his tool shelf. He took the car apart and put it together about a bazillion times. He also got these amazingly cool trio blocks that makes a castle. He loved it and did it with his Dad. I don't have pictures of the finished project because it got broken almost immediately but it is so cool. It comes with a flying dragon and a fireball launcher and a wizard "knight". He also got some school books. I had decided that it was high time that he learn his letters and numbers. I thought they turned out really nice!

All-in-all Christmas was so nice. I need to add that Clif and I did well too. My sister and brother-in-law gave us a GARMIN. It has come in so handy and I love it since I get lost no matter where I go. My parents have promised us all a trip this next January without kids so we are starting to plan for it. I am so excited. I have never had a day without the kids, so a trip without them sounds so exciting. WOO HOO!
Hope this finds everyone in good spirits this year and a Merry Christmas to all!