Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flight Museum

Museum of Flight- by PB

This year for the Holiday event, PB took it's employees to the Museum of Flight. Boring you say, not on your life. It was so cool, especially for a history major. I loved it, the kids thought all the airplanes, jets, and space exhibits were cool. Then we sat outside and ate lunch while watching the planes take off at the near by Boeing airport. It was one of the most memorable and fun company parties I have ever been too. I think the kids had less fun than I did.
The Museum was also open the the adults that night for a dinner. You could wander and look at the exhibits and have a ride on the flight simulator. I spent so much time looking at the cool exhibits that Clif and I were not able to get on a ride simulator. Sorry Clif.

These are all in a blackbird jet. It is not made for anyone large of stature or with short legs. The kids all fit in perfectly.

Aren't my kids adorable!

Some kind of cool airplane. I don't know with one this is

I thought this was a cute picture of me and the kids. Evie doesn't like her picture taken. It is too bad since she is so cute. They really liked it though, and Liam had a ball with his dad looking at all the cool space things. He kept saying "Like where Pop works?" It was so fun to see some of the cool inventions and really neat exhibits like the Amelia Earhart exhibit. What a woman!


shar said...

i love your hair like that. super cute.

Belkycita said...

You look cute!! but I do miss your curls :-)
I was thinking, why does Bree put two pictures of the same kid and just one of the others?!
then I realized that it wasn't the same, it was just one picture of Myra and the other one of Evalyn... I guess I need to look closer next time :-(

Rebekah said...

Adele is getting so big!! She is so cute!! And you look GREAT!

Emily K. said...

I love the hair, too! It looks like more like the Bree I used to know in College!! It looks like you had a great time. We went to the Free night at the Flight Museum this past summer. It was so crazy. Way too many people to enjoy it. I'll have to go back, and maybe actually pay for it. . .

Cyn said...

I absolutely LOVE the hair cut! Such a great picture. I can not believe that Miss Adele has gotten so big-and yes, your kids are adorable!