Thursday, January 21, 2010

WWYD- What would you do?

So I took the kids to the mall for a treat last week. Clif was at work so I was in no hurry to get home. I was not there to shop.. What, you go shopping with 4 kids? you say! Huh, I do it all the time. Still. I was not there to shop, I told the kids we would go the See's candy so that they could have a treat and then we were going home. The kids got the option of nuts or no nuts. I then packed the three chocolate cover peanut clusters and the kids to the closest table in the middle of the mall. All was going fine until Evelyn wouldn't swallow her chewed up peanuts, I let her spit them out into my hand. I told MyraJean to swallow hers and she started to choke on hers. I let MyraJean spit hers out in my hand as well. Only she wasn't choking. No, no, she was THROWING UP in my hand. Being the sane mom I am, I held out both hands to catch the puke and then realized after it happened that I had no bathroom or sink to clean it up. So I did what any person would do. I wiped my hands on her shirt then pulled the puked on shirt off of her. That put the puke up her nose and she started to puke again. All over the floor, the chair, and the table. I quickly stripped her down to her underwear, stripped my sweater off, and clothed her in it. So here I was at the mall at 6:30 with 4 kids, no coats (it wasn't raining when we went to the mall), a child with no clothes on except my humongous sweater, and it was poring down rain. Oh did I mention that I had no stroller and that no one wanted to hold MyraJean's hand since she threw up. Oh what picky kids I have.

I cleaned up the table, chair, and floor as best as I could with diaper wipes. I hauled all four kids to the information desk (which was not clearly marked) and asked "Is this the information desk?" The man looked at me like I was an idiot and said "Yes". I then explained that my child puked all over and that it would be prudent to get someone to clean it up. He looked totally grossed out and I just left.

All the way to the car I kept telling MyraJean that if she was going to throw up again, to not do it in my car, there was no way I could get that smell out. We have not been to the mall since, call me paranoid. I just figure that Clif can come next time to see what he would have done.


Kirsten said...

You're a better mom than me! I would have told to to puke on the floor and let someone else clean it up! I can't handle puke! If she would have done it in MY hand, I would have been the next one to puke! I DON'T DO puke!

Johnston Family said...

This is why I don't go to the mall unless it's by myself! You're the best mom ever. I would have kept her in her puked shirt and gone home.

Rebekah said...

Carry gallon sized zippy bags in your diaper bag - they catch puke and they carry puked in clothes while locking the smell in. They were GREAT inventions!