Thursday, February 25, 2010

Evie's Sharing

After taking my Mom with us to the Mall for lunch today, the kids were showing thier tiredness in the back of the van. Evie had a water cup from the lunch spot and was drinking the water, making MyraJean upset. I kept hearing "Mom, Evie's not sharing". To which I said "Evie please share with your sister". Evelyn kept saying "I did" everytime I pleaded with her to share. So at my Mom's house I watched Evelyn "share" water with her sister. She would suck up a bit of water into the straw, close her finger over the mouth end and let Evie suck the water out of the straw. I have to laugh, this is how I "share" liquids with my babies and it was cracking me up that my 2 year old thought that was an apporpriate way to share her water with her twin.

Too funny

Not cutting it

Liam's speech therapist has an awful time trying to get Liam to choose a sticker out of the sticker box. Last week I suggested that she only give him three or so to choose from and that way he didn't hanker over the box for 10 minutes trying to choose a sticker. So she did. She related the following conversation to me.

Liam- I want to see more stickers.
Speech Therapist- I don't have more, this is all I have to choose from.
Liam- I KNOW that you have more, then I can choose one I like.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Liam- the chef

I asked Liam what he had wanted for dinner on Friday.

Liam-I want soup, but not any soup, special soup.
Mom- I know how to make special soup.
Liam-Not this kind, I have to tell you the recipe. First you add beans, then tomatoes. Then you add meatball, not the big kind, the tiny kind. You then add olives and cook it along time on the stove.
Mom-I think that sounds good, taco soup it is.
Liam- It is NOT taco soup, I don't like taco soup. This is a special soup and it has beans, and meat, and tomatoes, and onions, and it is delicious.
Mom-Do you eat tortilla chips with it?
Mom- Well I think I can do that.

So I made the soup and put it on the table. I explained to the family that Liam gave us the recipe and he had specifically asked for taco soup. Then Liam piped up and said, it is not TACO SOUP, it is special soup, that only I know how to make."

The rest of the meal was consumed in silence with the occasional "Liam, eat your soup, you asked for it". And, "Stop whining, this is what you asked for so just eat it". It might be a couple of years before gives Liam his own show.

They don't fight!


For those that have met my kids, they fight like normal kids, especially my twins. You would never know that from these photos. Thanks Kirsten!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where do we get an extra one of those?

Liam got into trouble for standing on the girl's table in thier room tonight. We woudn't have known except that he fell off, got hurt, and came and told us what happened. He must have hurt him bum because he said that he landed right on it. I soothed the ouch and told him that is why we don't stand of tables. Later when we were putting the kids to bed, I heard the following conversation.

Liam to Clif: Would you check my bum?
Clif "Sure, you want me to check if it is still there?
Liam "Yes."
Clif "What happens if it is not?"
Liam "We will go to the store and buy a new one."
Clif patted him on the right bum cheek and asked "Here?"
Liam "No, in the middle" and proceeded to spread his bum for further inspection.

Story #2

Earlier, Clif came to me after baths and related the following. He went to get Adele a diaper and saw Liam in his underwear posing as a strong man in the mirror. Clif swears he didn't teach him that and that it must have been my brother-in-law Paul, but I think differently.

Boys will be boys.....


I have been thinking a lot lately of what my children will say at my passing. Morbid, I know, but with the passing of my grandmother, I was moved by what her children said about her. My dad impressed me by saying that my Grandmother was the standard. She was industrious, talented, honest, loving, a protector of children and family, that she was the standard to live up to.

With my passing I hope that my children remember who I tried to be and not necessarily who I was. I hope that they know most of all that I loved them and that they were most important to me. I want them to know that the gospel is the most important standard to live up to and that the promise of an eternal family is the sole goal in my life. I want them to know that I loved life with all of it's challenges and privileges. I never cared about money and that happiness comes from love and acceptance. I loved to laugh and to have joy and just becuase life seems simple doesn't mean that it isn't worth embracing. I want them to know that I love music and books and that getting lost in the joys of life isn't always bad but knowing the path of life is essential.

I want them to know that I love the Lord. I love their Dad, who is the most important person to me and that we chose each other for eternity. I hope that they feel that love every day in this house. I want them to know that I worked hard for their sakes. I love to garden and reap the blessings of a well tended vegetable garden. I was organized and able to provide a stable and happy home for them. I hope they see the gifts that I am able to provide with my talents. I hope they see the potential of a good life and a great education and how it can realize their dreams.

Most of all, I want them to be proud of this family. Both of my parents have left me with this legacy. I have seen both of my parents loose their mortal parents and have seen the love and pride that they have for their parents. I want my kids to feel that way about me, that way I feel about my amazing parents and siblings. This is what I want my kids to remember at my passing, and what I hope that I am able to impart to my family.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And she is off... her walker

Adele has been taking one step at a time for a while now. At Kirsten's house she put 2-3 steps together, so I was expecting her to continue the slow but steady pace of walking. I was wrong.... She is walking like there is no tomorrow. She holds onto the couch then throws both her arms into the air and takes off. She almost made it down hallway before her legs gave out. "Gave out?" you say. Let me tell you, it is of no consequence of what she eats for meals that her legs buckled. She ate 3 hotdogs for lunch the other day, yes my 1 year old ate 3 hotdogs completely. I am continuously amazed by this sweet child.

Here is to the future all-you-can-eat-hotdog eater of the 21st century.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We're dead! Too much excitement

At the passing of my paternal grandmother, I decided to see my in-laws at the same time as the funeral. So I quickly packed the kids up and started to drive the 13-14 hour drive. Clif and my Dad thought I was a little crazy trying to drive to Idaho by myself with 4 little kids, but I knew I could do it. We made it through Oregon just fine and then into Idaho in record time. Since I was doing so well I didn't want to stop in Boise for the night and I just kept driving. All went fantastically well until right outside of Ririe about a block away from my mother-in-laws house when I hit ice. I skid one way and then another way and drove right into a drained canal. Let me paint the picture for you, if you drove by and didn't look for the lights, you would have never seen us from the road, it was that deep and we were in the flat bottom. As soon as we hit the canal, Liam woke up and started crying and screaming We're dead! We're dead! I calmly explained that heaven didn't look like Idaho with 4 feet of snow on the ground, it was more tropical.

I called my brother in law and told him that he was going to have to get us since I was not going to get the car out of the canal. I then called another brother-in-law Trevor since he was super close and thought he could help get us out. I said that I was stuck in the canal about a block from his in-laws house (Clif's parents) and that I had the 4 kids and I needed him to come get me. He said sure he would come get me, but who was this? I forgot that no one but Kirsten and Paul knew I was coming and quickly explained why I was here. He very kindly came and got me and the kids and let us sit in his warm car while the tow truck came and pulled me out.

We finally got to Kirsten's house 2.5 hours later than expected. Poor Paul and Trevor were so tired the next day but it was so nice of them to come get us out. The rest of the trip was less exciting but very fun. Liam and Tate had a ball playing together and the girls got so much attention that I am going to have issues coming the next week while they adjust to home life again. Kirsten took some really cute pictures of my kids so I have some new pictures. I got to visit with people that I really missed, and ate so much food I am going to be running my bum off for couple of months.

The funeral was nice but my car was making funny noises and I came back to Idaho Falls early so I could have them look at it. I didn't make it back in time but that was fine since Evie started to throw up Friday night and had a horrible night. I then decided that it was time to go home. I was fed up with the snow (which Liam loved), and the car troubles, and I wasn't going to have sick kids at my in-laws. So I packed them back up and went home on Sunday. Not eventful but very tiring, and we didn't have any excitement. Nice to be back home with all kids and no, we're not dead.