Thursday, February 11, 2010

And she is off... her walker

Adele has been taking one step at a time for a while now. At Kirsten's house she put 2-3 steps together, so I was expecting her to continue the slow but steady pace of walking. I was wrong.... She is walking like there is no tomorrow. She holds onto the couch then throws both her arms into the air and takes off. She almost made it down hallway before her legs gave out. "Gave out?" you say. Let me tell you, it is of no consequence of what she eats for meals that her legs buckled. She ate 3 hotdogs for lunch the other day, yes my 1 year old ate 3 hotdogs completely. I am continuously amazed by this sweet child.

Here is to the future all-you-can-eat-hotdog eater of the 21st century.

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