Monday, February 22, 2010

Liam- the chef

I asked Liam what he had wanted for dinner on Friday.

Liam-I want soup, but not any soup, special soup.
Mom- I know how to make special soup.
Liam-Not this kind, I have to tell you the recipe. First you add beans, then tomatoes. Then you add meatball, not the big kind, the tiny kind. You then add olives and cook it along time on the stove.
Mom-I think that sounds good, taco soup it is.
Liam- It is NOT taco soup, I don't like taco soup. This is a special soup and it has beans, and meat, and tomatoes, and onions, and it is delicious.
Mom-Do you eat tortilla chips with it?
Mom- Well I think I can do that.

So I made the soup and put it on the table. I explained to the family that Liam gave us the recipe and he had specifically asked for taco soup. Then Liam piped up and said, it is not TACO SOUP, it is special soup, that only I know how to make."

The rest of the meal was consumed in silence with the occasional "Liam, eat your soup, you asked for it". And, "Stop whining, this is what you asked for so just eat it". It might be a couple of years before gives Liam his own show.

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