Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where do we get an extra one of those?

Liam got into trouble for standing on the girl's table in thier room tonight. We woudn't have known except that he fell off, got hurt, and came and told us what happened. He must have hurt him bum because he said that he landed right on it. I soothed the ouch and told him that is why we don't stand of tables. Later when we were putting the kids to bed, I heard the following conversation.

Liam to Clif: Would you check my bum?
Clif "Sure, you want me to check if it is still there?
Liam "Yes."
Clif "What happens if it is not?"
Liam "We will go to the store and buy a new one."
Clif patted him on the right bum cheek and asked "Here?"
Liam "No, in the middle" and proceeded to spread his bum for further inspection.

Story #2

Earlier, Clif came to me after baths and related the following. He went to get Adele a diaper and saw Liam in his underwear posing as a strong man in the mirror. Clif swears he didn't teach him that and that it must have been my brother-in-law Paul, but I think differently.

Boys will be boys.....

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Kathy said...

That is hilarious!! My kids do strong man poses all the time..and apparently for boys, the more naked the better. :) Like you said, boys will be boys!