Monday, March 29, 2010

The real experience of Easter

My children missed church on Sunday due to illness, but Clif and I had to make it to the last hour to teach our lessons. So I knew what the kids missed in their classes and thought I would try to reinforce the quick Easter lesson. The following conversation ensued.

Mom: Kiddos, do you know what Easter is?
Liam: Yep, it's happy day where everyone is happy that day.
Mom: It's a happy day? How come?
Liam: 'Cause it is happy day (as in Happy Easter), and everyone is happy to get presents.
Mom: You might get a present or two.

Dad: (Trying to steer the conversation into a real lesson) Do you know what happened on Easter after Jesus died?
Liam: They went to the cave, and Jesus was gone. I learned this already.
Mom: So do you remember how Jesus was resurrected? Do you remember what it means to get resurrected?
Liam: Yeah! That is when your dead for a long time and then Jesus puts your body back on you.
Mom: Jesus puts it back on? (I am totally imagining Liam as a paper doll and Christ putting Liam's skinny body onto a card board cut out)
Liam: Yep, you are dead a long, long long, long, time.... and then Jesus puts it back on you. I learned that at Church in my class.

Well, as far as resurrection goes, he got the main points down. I just hope Heavenly Father sees in more than 2 dimensions.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Sayings

My Mom reminded me that if I don't write this down I will forget so here it is.

Liam everytime he sees my Mom says "Mimi, how you doing today? You doin' good today?"

My girls, if you ask them if they are good MyraJean will say, "No, my sholder hurts". (It really doesn't but my mom has a hurt sholder and I think they feel let out without a serious owie) Evie will show you every bruise she has on her legs- even the invisible ones. It is pretty funny some days.

Adele- smiles so cheesy that her nose smooches all up and her eyes go shut. It is a beautiful cheesy smile!

I love my Kids!!!!!

Dr escapades

So I had a Dr. appointment and my Mom was so kind to watch the kids while I went. I thought that I had it planned out perfectly. The kids would sleep while I went to the Dr.s and my Mom would just need to make sure they stayed in bed and didn't burn the house down. I had a check list going:
Speech therapy- check
Lunch and clean up- check
Kids potty before bed- check
Adele changed and put into bed- check........
Chase Evie out of the bathroom, again- check.
My kids refuse to stay out of the bathroom, Evie and MyraJean is the worst about it. So I had had it with chasing her out of the bathroom. Evie had been going potty when she got distracted with the sink and was playing in the water with a bare bum. As a good mom, I pinched it and told her to get out of the bathroom, Mimi was going to be here any moment and I needed her to go to bed.
MyraJean went out the front door to throw a dirty diaper outside. When she went out there, my Mom pulled up. MyraJean went to my Mom panicked, "Mimi, Evie needs you, she needs you!" Evie must have also seen my mom outside and she ran down the sidewalk pulled down her pants and showed my Mom her bum crying, "Mom did it". So I got told on, it was pretty funny. Evie doesn't need to worry, she has a great advocate in her little sister.

It must has been traumatic for Evie. She had to go to the bathroom again after I left. She started to cry and said "Mom...". My Mom calmly told her that I was gone to the Dr. to get medicine. Evie started to laugh and said "Mom get a shot in her bum." I thought it was pretty funny, maybe a little vindictive but really funny.

Liam has been a little worried about all the different Dr. appointments that I have had for the last couple of weeks. I told him that I was getting different medicine so I wasn't so cranky and mad all the time and that I wouldn't yell so much. He said, "That would be really good, Mom"