Monday, March 29, 2010

The real experience of Easter

My children missed church on Sunday due to illness, but Clif and I had to make it to the last hour to teach our lessons. So I knew what the kids missed in their classes and thought I would try to reinforce the quick Easter lesson. The following conversation ensued.

Mom: Kiddos, do you know what Easter is?
Liam: Yep, it's happy day where everyone is happy that day.
Mom: It's a happy day? How come?
Liam: 'Cause it is happy day (as in Happy Easter), and everyone is happy to get presents.
Mom: You might get a present or two.

Dad: (Trying to steer the conversation into a real lesson) Do you know what happened on Easter after Jesus died?
Liam: They went to the cave, and Jesus was gone. I learned this already.
Mom: So do you remember how Jesus was resurrected? Do you remember what it means to get resurrected?
Liam: Yeah! That is when your dead for a long time and then Jesus puts your body back on you.
Mom: Jesus puts it back on? (I am totally imagining Liam as a paper doll and Christ putting Liam's skinny body onto a card board cut out)
Liam: Yep, you are dead a long, long long, long, time.... and then Jesus puts it back on you. I learned that at Church in my class.

Well, as far as resurrection goes, he got the main points down. I just hope Heavenly Father sees in more than 2 dimensions.

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Rebekah said...

Isnt' it amazing and funny what kids remember and learn? Or think they learn?