Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is not about my kids- remember planet me?

I know that I use this as a way to record my kids and the funnies, but sometimes it needs to be about me, "planet me" remember? My college friend Naomi totally inspired me with her description of herself. I need to clarify something. I went to a Jamie Cullum concert, the best concert I have ever seen and I don't LOVE jazz either. I realized that I have forgotten to love myself in the midst of being a Mom.

I love that I have impressioned my children to choose AFI or Lady Gaga (just the songs- never the videos) over other "children" music. I love that I have short hair and will keep it short no matter what the fashion dictates. I am that crazy person who listens to crazy loud music to fuel enough anger to get through 9 miles of running. That by the 8th mile, I am dancing on the tracks. I can spend thousands of hours reading and or watching cooking books and shows to get more recipes. I am inspired with food and hope that I might run my own kitchen one day. I love getting deals at garage sales or second handed stores and pride myself to never pay full price on anything. I take pride in my home canned food storage and 2 full freezers of food. I love that I miss my kids and return home if I have forgotten to have family prayer with my family. I appreciate the fact that I don't see eye to eye with most of my contemporaries and I don't need to be validated in my life. I love the imperfections and embrace those that I can not fix. I love that my son, asking to play with me said "I am sad when you don't play with me". I love my daughters who teach me patience, love, and acceptance. I love my husband who lets me stew when he knows things are not quite right and gives me space when I need it.

I am saddened by the loss of myself given up by the hustle and bustle of life. I vow today to remember who I am and who I want to be. And most important to be appreciative of my life, my family and my Savior, who without I would be nothing today.

The twin turn 3


The girls birthday was a great day. Clif and I made cupcakes for their birthday and the girls helped me deliver them to the people they like to visit the most. That took pretty much the whole morning. Then, my Mom and I took the twins out to lunch at California Pizza kitchen. MyraJean got mac and cheese and Evelyn got a pizza, they ate almost all of it. It was pretty unreal how much those two can eat. My Mom gave them a pre present, tutus and boas, I don't think they knew what to do with them. A couple of days later they discovered them and I was picking up feathers off the floor. After lunch I wanted to let them have a great time all by themselves so we went to Clairs and I let them pick out one item each. MyraJean got a collection of necklaces and rings and Evie got rainbow colored bracelets. They both seemed to gravitate toward items that had multiple items in them, guess they thought if they were all bunched together that counted right?

After a very exhausting trip, we dropped my mom off at home and headed home to relieve the babysitter. The girls were so tired so I was surprised that they took a while to get down for naps. they did though, and after naps we went to the park to play. For dinner we had hot dogs and chicken nuggets with cupcakes for desert. To top off a very tiring day, we went to Liam's soccer meeting to find out what we needed to do to get him enrolled. The girls had a great day and so did the rest of us.

I know, you are asking what about the presents? Well I was able to find one bike but was waiting for the annual twin sale (only 10 days later) to find a second bike. So after the twin sale, we gave them the bikes, the flashlights, a lot of new clothes, and headed off to the park. The bikes were an amazing deal and they loved them. We are still waiting to open the gifts from my Mom, maybe after Mothers day?


I know that I am behind the times but it has been quite the month. Easter was great, we used one of our butchered hams for dinner and my sister with her family and my parents came over for dinner. It was a great dinner if I say so myself. The kids had their twin Easter egg hunt with our twin club and my mom also did her annual hunt. Lets just say, I just threw out the rest of the candy 3 days ago. They had a ball and Adele was so adamant that she could find her own eggs and put them in the basket all by herself. It was pretty awesome.

My Mom totally out did herself this year once again. Egg hunt at her house, with egg salad sandwiches, and gift baskets. My kids were so spoiled, but they loved every minute of it. In fact, they didn't fight and shared most of the goodies, mostly.

My Mom made this awesome bunny cake, so we had rabbit and pig on Easter... It was so fun to have all the kids together too. They seemed to play well with Liam and the girls and I really loved having my family over at my house. We didn't see conference though, Clif and I have got to do something about the Internet access in our house.