Thursday, May 6, 2010


I know that I am behind the times but it has been quite the month. Easter was great, we used one of our butchered hams for dinner and my sister with her family and my parents came over for dinner. It was a great dinner if I say so myself. The kids had their twin Easter egg hunt with our twin club and my mom also did her annual hunt. Lets just say, I just threw out the rest of the candy 3 days ago. They had a ball and Adele was so adamant that she could find her own eggs and put them in the basket all by herself. It was pretty awesome.

My Mom totally out did herself this year once again. Egg hunt at her house, with egg salad sandwiches, and gift baskets. My kids were so spoiled, but they loved every minute of it. In fact, they didn't fight and shared most of the goodies, mostly.

My Mom made this awesome bunny cake, so we had rabbit and pig on Easter... It was so fun to have all the kids together too. They seemed to play well with Liam and the girls and I really loved having my family over at my house. We didn't see conference though, Clif and I have got to do something about the Internet access in our house.

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