Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big retirement, here I come

Over Memorial weekend, Clif went to a cousins wedding with some of his sisters. I was not able to go and so I stayed home with the kids. By Sunday the kids and I were a little testy with each other. Liam came into my room early to try to convince me to let them have cold cereal for breakfast. Now, Clif lets them eat it and I don't say no but I don't reinforce it either. It is not my favorite for breakfast plus sometimes I throw 3 bowls of not eaten cereal away. So this is the ensuing conversation

Liam: Mom, Dad always gives us cold cereal for breakfast for Sunday
Mom: I don't care
Liam: But Mom, it is Sunday and I really want cereal
Mom: I don't care, I am not making cold cereal
Liam: Mooommmm!
Mom: Yes?
Liam: If you don't let me have cold cereal for breakfast today, then I am not feeding you when your older!
Mom: Good thing I have 3 other kids then, huh!

Made for a really funny morning.

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Rebekah said...

When Clif told Grandma this story, she LAUGHED OUT LOUD!