Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The bug has bugs

Liam has been lovingly called "bug" since he was under a year. At first I called him "boogers" for the immense amount of boogers he seemed to constantly have when he was an infant. That got shortened to "boogs" which also got shortened to "boog" or "bug". So Clif came up with the explanation that Liam was the size of a bug and so we affectionately call him bug. So the Bug came into my room this morning and said he itched. I wasn't quite awake and mumbled something like "oh, you are?" through half closed eyes. Liam said "yes" and pulled up his shirt. This is what I saw....

So.... after long conversations with family, friends, and pediatric Dr.s I took him in. He is allergic to bugs, which we knew but I needed to have clarified and reinforced by a Dr. The Dr. said it was bug bites other than that, is up in the air. Yep, the Bug has bugs.

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