Thursday, June 10, 2010

Keep on planning

On the way home from Winco today, the kids were trying to convince me to let them to play at the park after naps. I kept trying to explain that in Seattle it might be storming in two hours and we would "see" if it was ok weather to go to the park. Liam got fed up with the arguement and said "You see, but I am going." Guess the "wait and see" plan got thrown out the window. It was raining after naps and I told them bright and early tomorrow we could go.


Gerritt and Melissa said...

You went to WinCo without me? Sad....we should plan on going a few weeks, since I'm having this kiddo on Thursday if he doesn't come before then.

Emily K. said...

I can't believe you take all of your kids into WinCo. And, bag all your own groceries, with 4 kids. You are superwoman. Okay, preschool's out, so we are more open now. Call me next time you go to WinCo, and we can meet at the park, or you can stop by here, or something. Or we can come up there sometime too.