Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the words keep coming

At breakfast the twins were fighting on who's turn it was to say the prayer. I told Evie she could say it and so we began. I would say a sentence and she would copy what I said. The problem is that the twins share so many things that they have a hard time when it is the turn for one of them to do something and not the other. So Evie would say it after me and then MyraJean would try to quickly say it also. Evie stopped the prayed on two occasions to shush MyraJean. At the end of the prayer Evie looked at MyraJean and said "Were you helping me?" MyraJean said "No, I was just talking". They certainly are funny.

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Shannon Johnston said...

At least your girls just shush each other, we have an all out brawl at our house. Can't wait till they get older. HAHA