Friday, July 30, 2010

What pallet sophistication

As I was cutting veggies for stir fry last night, Liam was asking what I was doing.

Liam: "Mom what are those?"
Mom: "Zucchini"
Liam: "I don't like zucchini, Mom"
Mom: "Well that is what dinner is, so you either eat it or don't, just don't complain to me about it"
Liam: "What are those Mom?"
Mom: "Mushrooms."
Liam: "Mom.... I really like the taste of mushrooms. I really, really like the taste of mushrooms, but not the texture."

Oh my heck, the kid cracks me up!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Same friends, great new times.

My friend Emily brought her kids up to Seattle to hang out at the beach. I had such a great time, so did my kids. It was pretty shocking since my kids hate the cold water and they were all over in the water with Taylee and Rohne. I am so sad they live so far away, it was great to have my kids get along with Emily's kids so well. We will have to make a habit of playing with them more often.
Unfortunatly, I don't have a picture of beautiful Emily, if she sends me one I will post it (hint). It was so great to have a friend that I have known for over 12 years and it seems like no time has past. I am so blessed by those that love me.

Garden pictures

So people are amazed at my love of gardening. I know that my grandmas would be proud of me. They taught me everything I know. And Clif thought he was getting a city wife.... ha!

These are tomatoes, and in the right corner potatoes

On the left are zucchini and crookneck. In front of those are one row of carrots and 6 cucumber plants

Bush beans and 2 rows of carrots. There are rhubarb behind those.

Pumpkin and butternut squash. I really have such a love for winter squash and last year we got so many great pumpkins so here is hoping the same for this year.

Not really able to get pictures of the onions, Here are Brussels spouts, one cauliflower, and the huge amount of lettuce.
Please pray with me for the heat, we so need it to grow our veggies. Yes, I do home can all September and August. I love it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Not anything important.... just small treasures.

Before I forget. Here are some smaller stories that I have been carrying around.

Last night for FHE, we chose a lesson on home cleanliness. I have been frustrated that I always seem to be cleaning for everyone. Liam is so my kid...

Clif: Why do we have a clean house? (He wants a spiritual thought, like if the house is clean the spirit can be felt here)
Liam: So our friends will be comfortable when they come over to play. So we clean up our house for our friends

I was laughing, cus I have NO idea where he got this from... ha ha ha

Liam hit his lip and teeth on what we think was Adele's crib. Not quite sure since when we asked, he kept saying "I don't remember. Huh, he seems to never remember what happened when he was doing something that we would have objected to. He is super cute though. It was pretty traumatic since he bruised his adult teeth in his mouth. Hopefully they don't come out damaged.

I made raspberry sorbet. Adele thought it made great finger paints. I had to bleach it out of the plaster. She only got one small spoonful... it seemed to be enough

What can I say, cute kid pictures

Sunday, July 18, 2010


And you thought I married a farm boy from Idaho! Like these genes came from me.....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Did you ever wonder?

So if you ever wondered what I do during the summer let me enlighten you. Notice any recurring iamges?

Liam;s Birthday

I don't have magic power, I always thought I did but I don't. Liam turned 5 this year and no matter how much I tried to stop time, I couldn't make that happen. He had an awesome birthday if I say so myself. This year was full of fun things, he got a birthday dinner, his first birthday party, a birthday lunch, an extra play date... and I didn't even mention the cake, friends, and presents.

To start the festivities off, I asked Liam what he wanted to eat on his birthday. For breakfast he wanted, waffles. but not just any waffles. The conversation follows.

Mom: What do you want to eat for breakfast?
Liam: Waffle, but not the kind from the mix. Mom? You know how you make waffles not from a mix, just the other kind. That is what I want. But Mom, not from the mix, ok?
Mom: Yeah, I know what you are wanting, homemade waffles?
Liam: Yep the homemade kind, with strawberries on top, and MAYBE some whipped cream?
Mom: Sure I can do that.
Liam: But Mom, not the normal waffles that you make, the kind that doesn't come from box, ok.
Mom: Yep, I know what you are talking about.

We never did have waffles, even from the mix. He ate a candy bar instead. Pretty good substitute if I say so myself. Then we went to a friends house and home these homemade donuts that were divine. Liam got to play with his friends all morning. After naps, yes he still takes a nap, we hung out and then dinner time with cake.

Because one of his closest friends was not going to be here for his birthday, we let him have a friend at his family birthday dinner. Liam wanted taco salad and Trey came over for that and cake. I had asked Liam what kind of cake did he want and he told me chocolate decorated with strawberries in the shape of a smiley face. I did the best I could with that. It was pretty funny especially when Clif but eyebrows, goatee, and mustache on the cake.

We opened lots of gifts, Liam then had his birthday lunch with me and Mimi. He got his own pizza, got to go pick out a toy from Target with his birthday money from Grandma, and got a sundae. Did I mention he still had a birthday party as well? I want birthdays like this too one day. He got to bring 4 friends over for his party, the drew a banner, rode bikes, and ate hot dogs and cake. Do you see a recurring theme, lots of sweets... so fun and crazy at the same time.