Saturday, July 17, 2010

Liam;s Birthday

I don't have magic power, I always thought I did but I don't. Liam turned 5 this year and no matter how much I tried to stop time, I couldn't make that happen. He had an awesome birthday if I say so myself. This year was full of fun things, he got a birthday dinner, his first birthday party, a birthday lunch, an extra play date... and I didn't even mention the cake, friends, and presents.

To start the festivities off, I asked Liam what he wanted to eat on his birthday. For breakfast he wanted, waffles. but not just any waffles. The conversation follows.

Mom: What do you want to eat for breakfast?
Liam: Waffle, but not the kind from the mix. Mom? You know how you make waffles not from a mix, just the other kind. That is what I want. But Mom, not from the mix, ok?
Mom: Yeah, I know what you are wanting, homemade waffles?
Liam: Yep the homemade kind, with strawberries on top, and MAYBE some whipped cream?
Mom: Sure I can do that.
Liam: But Mom, not the normal waffles that you make, the kind that doesn't come from box, ok.
Mom: Yep, I know what you are talking about.

We never did have waffles, even from the mix. He ate a candy bar instead. Pretty good substitute if I say so myself. Then we went to a friends house and home these homemade donuts that were divine. Liam got to play with his friends all morning. After naps, yes he still takes a nap, we hung out and then dinner time with cake.

Because one of his closest friends was not going to be here for his birthday, we let him have a friend at his family birthday dinner. Liam wanted taco salad and Trey came over for that and cake. I had asked Liam what kind of cake did he want and he told me chocolate decorated with strawberries in the shape of a smiley face. I did the best I could with that. It was pretty funny especially when Clif but eyebrows, goatee, and mustache on the cake.

We opened lots of gifts, Liam then had his birthday lunch with me and Mimi. He got his own pizza, got to go pick out a toy from Target with his birthday money from Grandma, and got a sundae. Did I mention he still had a birthday party as well? I want birthdays like this too one day. He got to bring 4 friends over for his party, the drew a banner, rode bikes, and ate hot dogs and cake. Do you see a recurring theme, lots of sweets... so fun and crazy at the same time.

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Haylee said...

Tell Liam "happy birthday" from us all. 5! How exciting!