Monday, July 19, 2010

Not anything important.... just small treasures.

Before I forget. Here are some smaller stories that I have been carrying around.

Last night for FHE, we chose a lesson on home cleanliness. I have been frustrated that I always seem to be cleaning for everyone. Liam is so my kid...

Clif: Why do we have a clean house? (He wants a spiritual thought, like if the house is clean the spirit can be felt here)
Liam: So our friends will be comfortable when they come over to play. So we clean up our house for our friends

I was laughing, cus I have NO idea where he got this from... ha ha ha

Liam hit his lip and teeth on what we think was Adele's crib. Not quite sure since when we asked, he kept saying "I don't remember. Huh, he seems to never remember what happened when he was doing something that we would have objected to. He is super cute though. It was pretty traumatic since he bruised his adult teeth in his mouth. Hopefully they don't come out damaged.

I made raspberry sorbet. Adele thought it made great finger paints. I had to bleach it out of the plaster. She only got one small spoonful... it seemed to be enough

What can I say, cute kid pictures

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Kathy said...

Love the clean house story! Whenever my boys see me cleaning, the ask "who's coming over?"