Monday, July 26, 2010

Same friends, great new times.

My friend Emily brought her kids up to Seattle to hang out at the beach. I had such a great time, so did my kids. It was pretty shocking since my kids hate the cold water and they were all over in the water with Taylee and Rohne. I am so sad they live so far away, it was great to have my kids get along with Emily's kids so well. We will have to make a habit of playing with them more often.
Unfortunatly, I don't have a picture of beautiful Emily, if she sends me one I will post it (hint). It was so great to have a friend that I have known for over 12 years and it seems like no time has past. I am so blessed by those that love me.


Emily K. said...

Wow, your pictures turned out way better than mine! I might have to just steal yours:) I do love you, and am so glad we got together. It took us too long! My kids are still talking about their "new friends," and the beach. They had such a great time. I am still finding sand in their crevices. . . I was very pleasantly surprised at how great everyone played together.

Cyn said...

I'm all caught up-all the way back to the bugs. What a great time this summer! The kids are changing so much. Take a look back and see just how much Liam's hair has grown!