Tuesday, August 3, 2010

family fun and raspberries

We went to pick raspberries with my Mom last Tuesday. It was a ball and the kids were so well behaved. My Mom treated us to McD's afterwards and the kids got the largest icecream cones I think they ever saw.

I made 8 batches of freezer jam and adding that to the last 10 batches of strawberry freezer jam, we have a ton of jam. I don't have a picture but I wish I did. This year has been so cold that I have not had pictures of our canning (since it hasn't produced much). Thankfully the only thing I really wanted was squash and I am growing it. Now if I can kill the squirrels that are eating it, I might just be happy.

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Naomi said...

Good thing it wasn't a warm summer or you'd never leave your kitchent! I love you! And thanks for all the beautiful pics of your fam.