Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SFOM Campout

My family had the opportunity to go on the SFOM campout. It was awesome and a huge success for the group. Sometimes I don't realize how much I am blessed to be apart of things that are bigger than just my cute family. So there were about 7 families all with multiples and these sweet families kept my children so busy I hardly saw them all weekend. I am definitely signing up for this next year.
The group rented out a great family campsite up near Mt. Vernon and it was so much fun to see everyone had a great time and relax. It was enclosed and so I didn't worry much about the kids escaping the campsite. I did however worry that Adele would go home with someone else, she seemed to cling on to other adults over me or Clif. I hope that she didn't bother anyone, but everyone seemed to really enjoy her.

Super cool tree to take a picture in, the kids didn't seem to want to cooperate but I think this one turned out mildly well. This is near the beach trail that we hiked down to on Saturday. I really loved the weather and sunshine. It was supposed to rain but it hardly did all weekend.

Cute Adele, she always had this cheesy grin on her face and says CHEESE when you pull the camera out. It is super fun for us t0 take pictures since she is always so agreeable. The twins, not so much.

On Saturday we went down to the river about 1/2 mile away. There was a great little path that we hiked lined with ripe blackberries. We took twice the amount of time to walk to stop and eat the blackberries. It was a dream. My kids were not even hungry for the snacks since we stopped every 10 feet to get more handfuls of them. So much fun for our family.

Near the river was a sandy beach that the kids got to played in and threw rocks with their dad. Clif enjoyed it too it seemed, and he doesn't particularly like the beach. He showed the kids how to skip rocks. The kids kept picking up rocks half their size but it was the effort that counted right?

Cute one of MyraJean.

This is Evelyn, she looks like she was talking. Either that or she was telling me that her hands were dirty. Breakfast on Saturday, pancakes and syrup with sausage. I thought Clif and the kids were in heaven they had so much fun.

Whenever we go camping the main thought is there enough food. Hence the pictures showing us what we ate. This year as in years past, we succeeded in bringing enough. I made blueberry muffins and foil dinners. There was a pot luck dinner on Saturday and Clif and I made a dutch oven dump cake. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I think we will do that again the next time we go. Over all we brought enough food and snacks that I didn't worry about the kids starving for the weekend.

Aren't the twins cute? If you notice, Evelyn has a cup in her hand. She and the other kids carried these cups around and collected dirt and rocks to play with. I am so glad that I "remembered" to bring these toys for the kids to play with. I have never seen kids have so much fun with used plastic cups and spoons. Adele was the worst though, and she screamed anytime we took the cups from her. She also ate every huckleberry she could get her hands on, which was a lot. I am glad that Clif knew they were OK to eat though, since I couldn't keep her out of them.

He has so much of his dad in him. I thought this was such a great picture. I loved going camping with my little family. It was so relaxing and we just played. We ran around and did nothing but played. Warning to those that play tag with my kids, Liam is FAST, and you don't want to be "it" from Evie, she whacks on the back hard. Still we had so much fun, scrapes, owies, tiredness, and dirtiness aside. I will treasure this opportunity and the sweet memories that we got from it. Not to mention, we made some awesome new friends. It was so fun and I can't wait to do it next year.


Mindy said...

How fun! It looks like you all had so much fun!

Cyn said...

I love that you refer to your family as little!

Rebekah said...

I'm glad you went.

fcharrington said...

That looks so fun! Almost makes me want multiples. Almost :) Where did you guys camp?