Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sleepwalker or Frankstein, you choose

Liam fell out of his twin sized low to the floor bed last night. Can you believe the damage? We're not quite sure if he was totally awake or not. He sure was after he fell... oh my what a night.
I know the picture doesn't show it, but his eye is bruised, we are really lucky it is not a black eye.
So now that I see this, it really looks fine but in reality his upper lip is totally still swollen. His right eye is not black or swollen but has a nice blue and green bruise that is pretty. Wish I could wear eye make up that was that pretty.

This shows the damage. What is crazy is that the last time he fell and hit his lip on the girls crib he hit the other front tooth. I guess that I need to say is that we are lucky we weren't in the emergency room. Crazy what damage happens when they fall 1 1/2 feet off the bed to the floor. CRAZY!

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Cyn said...

Poor kiddo! He probably bounced right back!