Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Clif's 31st Bday

Yes, it is true! Clif is finally an adult and has the "gray hair experiences" to testify to it. They may not be truly gray yet but this last year has had some character defining moments that would turn any one's hair gray.

This past year Clif has lost 40 lbs, ran in the Hood to coast relay, retained his job in a horrible economy, laughed and played with his 4 wild kids, and cared for his crazy wife. He tackled the unknown and took us all camping at the SFOM camp out. He survived a very wet and weirdly dreary summer, and most of all... triumphed in Liam's first day of school. If those crazy events don't create gray hair, I don't know what would!

The kids and Clif wouldn't sit still long enough to get a good picture. So this is what I could come up with. This is a fancy schmancy shirt with cuff links. He loves these shirts so I guess it is a good thing that he looks so good in them.

Getting help from everyone to open his presents.

New cuff links. Clif is giving me the evil eye because he didn't want me to take any more pictures. I also don't have the picture of the beautiful tie my Mom also got him. She has such impeccable taste in clothes.

Here is the new ensemble. How hot is he?

He wanted carrot cake, so that is what he got. He loved it. In case you are wondering he got 3 candles to represent 30 and then 1 candle to represent the 1. I am not wasting 31 candles when symbolically 4 can represent 31. Nice logic, huh!

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