Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Liams new bed- I am not cheap but an opportunist

We have been needing a new bed for a while now. The cute house that we live in is not big enough for all six of us without some serious storage capabilities. So I have wanted bunk beds for all the kids with the built in shelving. You know the ones I mean, the drawers and cubbies, maybe some places to put books. Those kind of bunk beds. They never seem to get cheap enough for us to afford so when the twins bunk beds came up I jumped on it. They love their new bed and I loved having them in beds where they don't kick each other. But Liam wanted a new bed too, and I kept telling him that I would look for him. And guess what?.....

It has happened again, I found a loft bed. It has enormous storage capabilities and it is in pretty good condition. Since it isn't solid wood, there are some scratches and dings. But I paid way too little to care about the scratches. Liam loves his new bed and I am very pleased, really really pleased. It makes the room so much easier for me since there is more space for me too move Adele around in and it has a place for almost all of his toys that are in his room.
These are the drawers on the left side. Clif has to replace one drawer bottom and I need to replace all the handles. It was missing quite a few, but other than that, not a lot of stuff to do to the bed.
This is the desk. You can see the places for his leap frog computer, his puzzles and games, and his books.

These are the cubbies for all of his toys. It really looks neat and tidy and I feel much better about toys in his room. Lets just say, my kids will probably be the most organized due to genetic disposition.


Haylee said...

This is great!!

Sarah said...

I love a good find! Your kids are soooo cute. I'm a big fan of curls :)