Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little bits of everything

Liam had a circus at school. He was a trick pony rider (or cowboy). He was able to borrow the chaps and horse from his friend Mathoe. He was so cute and I had to take pictures. He says he was also a farmer and so do the girls. It was truly funny and he had such a good time. The circus had a parade around the school and ate popcorn while they watched the other kids perform. It was a good experience for him. I loved it too.

So Adele was at my mom's house while Clif was mowing this past weekend. I had run out of things to keep her occupied with, so I bribed her with chocolate. Have I ever told you that she doesn't eat food but will consume her weight in chocolate. I wonder where she gets that from....
Cute picture of Evelyn. She is pretty funny and just a smile to be around.
Couple of pictures of the type of produce we are getting out of our garden this year. It has been really rainy and not very conducive so I am pleased we are getting what we have gotten. I didn't think we would get anything but the carrots did well, the Brussels sprouts are doing fine, and my squash and cucumbers did OK. Really can't say it was horrible but not great either.

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